July 22, 2024


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4 Common Solar Panel Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Issues that Solar Panels Face and Solutions to those Problems ·  HahaSmart

Several people are turning into the use of the sun’s energy to power up their home or property. This can be attributed to various factors, but perhaps the primary one is the rising energy costs. In case you already made a switch and your household is now dependent on the sun’s energy, it will help to know some of the common solar panel problems and how you will be able to fix them.

Micro-cracks and Hot Spots

Some of the most common solar panel problems that you may encounter include micro-cracks and hot spots. Micro-cracks or microscopic tears may appear in crystalline PV panels, compromising their performance. More often than not, these micro-cracks occur during production, although they can also be a result of careless shipping or even an improper installation. While these micro-cracks may prove to be negligible, they can grow over time, affecting their overall efficiency. In this case, the most viable solution that you can do is to have them replaced, unfortunately.

Hot spots are also quite common in solar panels. These hot spots are the regions on the panels that become excessively warm. Once again, this can be attributed to poorly soldered connections during production. The experts in solar power repairs suggest that you consult with the professionals when it comes to addressing this issue. In doing so, they will be able to diagnose the root cause of the problem and address it accordingly, or worse, recommend a solar panel replacement.

PID Effect

The potential induced degradation (PID) effect happens when there is a voltage inconsistency between the panel and its earthing. As a result, you may experience power loss, as well as a reduced lifespan of your solar panel. To resolve this problem promptly, make sure to get in touch with a licensed solar power technician. They will have the right equipment and tools needed to reverse this issue.

Wiring Issues

Wiring issues can also compromise the performance of your solar panels. More often than not, wiring issues can be attributed to poor installation wherein there are loose connections left. Rather than attempting to resolve this problem yourself, you need to leave this to the hands of a licensed electrician for safety concerns. Apart from having the right tools to determine the root cause of the issue, they also have the skills and knowledge to correct them immediately. To prevent any wiring issues in the future, make sure to have your solar panels maintained periodically by professionals as well.

Dirt Build-up

There are several factors that may contribute to the dirt build-up in your panels. For instance, bird droppings or traffic pollution, as well as salt if you are near the coast, can all add up to the dirt on your panels. While heavy rains may do the job of cleaning your panels from this dirt, you need to ensure that you have your panels checked by professionals from time to time. Rest assured that only excessive dirt build-up can affect your panels significantly and a minimal amount of dirt can still be considered negligible when it comes to the performance of your panels.

Final Word

Some of the most common solar panel problems include micro-cracks and hot spots, as well as the PID effect. In addition to this, even wiring issues can also degrade the efficiency of your panels. There are instances wherein dirt build-up or birds nesting underneath the panel can also cause significant issues. Rest assured that there are ways on how you will be able to address these problems and maximise the benefits that a solar power system will be able to give you.