5 Ways to Remove Bathroom Odours

5 Ways to Remove Bathroom Odours

Bathrooms are supposed to keep us clean, but it’s tough to be comfortable inside the bathroom when it seems to smell less clean and fresh than it’s supposed to be, especially when you clean the bathroom often.

There are many reasons that bathrooms can have a funny smell, but the good thing is that there are also many ways to remove bathroom odours. Read this article for the best ways to remove bathroom odours.

Proper ventilation

Sometimes, all bad odours need are a way to get out. Without proper ventilation, these odours can get trapped into the bathroom. To increase ventilation, it’ll be great if you can install ventilation fans for your bathroom. In this way, bad odours can get out of the room.

If you can’t install fans, installing bathroom windows will work, too.

Know what smells

If something smells, it’s probably coming from a source. Since the bathroom is wet most of the time, it can be an environment for fungus to grow. So, the next time you notice a musty smell inside the bathroom, you need to check it because there’s a good chance that you might have a mould infestation in the bathroom.

Furthermore, you should look out for problems with the plumbing system as the smell could also be from the drain and the toilet.

By knowing what smells, you can start developing a plan on how to deal with it. Depending on the cause of the odour, you must also need to consider asking for professional plumbing help.

Clean the bathroom

If your bathroom’s smelling and you can’t find the source of the odour, maybe your bathroom needs a little more care and regular cleaning. The bathroom’s almost always wet, and moist conditions are an environment for microorganisms such as bacteria, germs, and mould to grow. It’s even a better environment when it’s unclean and unsanitary.

To remove that annoying odour and prevent it in the future, consider cleaning the bathroom more frequently and regularly than you do in the present.

Also, in cleaning the bathroom, make sure that you use the right cleaning materials and solutions. Furthermore, aside from cleaning the bathroom walls and floor, you shouldn’t forget about the toilet because it’s a likely source of the odour.

As you clean, it would also be a great time to look even closer at your bathroom, as you may find out that there’s mould growth or other sources of odour as you scrub your bathroom.

Check your water quality

If your bathroom’s always clean and you don’t have any fungus growth, and it smells even when you use air fresheners, then it may be that your tap water is the source of the smell. If it is, then you have a problem not only limited to the smell, because a dirty water supply can pose health hazards on everyone consuming it.

It’s why it’s important to learn the top factors that affect water quality. Some of them are:

  • Sedimentation
  • pH levels
  • Temperature
  • Erosion
  • Runoff
  • Leaks
  • Plumbing problems

Does your bathroom still smell?

If your bathroom still smells even if you have already tried every trick you know of to make it go away, it’s time for you to seek professional help from your nearby local Sydney plumber.