When you’re about to go to a grocery store, a commonly asked question is which eco-friendly bag to choose, paper or plastic. Whichever way to respond, you probably have your reasons. You might be planning to recycle or reuse that paper bag or plastic shopping bags for cleaning around the house. Whatever you choose, whether it’s paper or plastic, none of them is a great and sustainable environmentally friendly option. In reality, choosing between paper and plastic, no matter what your intentions are, you’re still choosing “wrong”. There’s a better option out there and that is a reusable grocery bag.

Why are plastic bags considered bad for the environment?

There are a number of reasons. From their production and lack of recyclability, they end up in landfills and in the stomach of marine animals. They take many years to decompose and plastic bags pose a lot of problems when it comes to the world’s well-being. Therefore, for daily purposes, many people have started using the best reusable mesh produce bags.

A great movement around the country is for consumers to purchase and bring their own reusable bags to the store to carry their products to home. They may cost a little when you purchase them but they can be used multiple times. There are many benefits of reusable bags when it comes to easing plastic bag pollution and the effects of plastic on the environment.

Why not go for paper bags?

Paper bags may not end up in landfills by causing pitfalls of plastic bags as they can be recycled. They also take less time to decompose, but it is not a real reason. Paper bags are made from trees that are important to conserve. Many trees are cut down and a lot of energy is used to produce paper bags. So, paper bags aren’t a sustainable option.

How Cotton Reusable Bags are a good option?

There are some general reasons to use reusable bags over paper or plastic bags. Let’s take a look at some of the more specific benefits of reusable bags.

1. Conserve Resources

Plastic bags may seem small and light but they have a much larger environmental footprint than you may imagine. From the beginning with the energy, plastic bags require much energy in its manufacturing. Approximately 12 million barrels of oil is used to manufacture plastic bags. The amount of oil can make you drive a car for a mile with the same amount of gasoline in manufacturing 14 plastic bags.

2. Decrease Pollution

The effects of plastic on the environment is devastating. The plastic bags can take more than a hundred years to break down completely and eventually these bags end up in landfills. They may also enter into the food chain through streams, rivers, or the ocean. Approximately 100 billion plastic shopping bags are manufactured each year and about only 1 percent are recycled, so a lot of plastic bag pollution is generated annually.

3. Avoid Recycling Problems

Even some people think to use recyclable plastic grocery bags. There’s a lot of recycling equipment that will cost more as compared to the manufacturing of plastic bags. It is a costly process to recycle plastic bags. The best choice is to go for reusable bags that are easy to recycle.

4. Protect Wildlife

Plastic bags bring great harm to marine animals. More than 100,000 marine animal deaths are caused each year when marine animals mistakenly digest plastic shopping bags with food. Plastic bags get snagged in trees, and small animals can become trapped in them, leading to even more wildlife deaths in the environment.

5. Enjoy Strength & Durability

Unlike plastic bags, reusable bags are less likely to tear off. Reusable bags are easier to use for loading and unloading. This makes your purchases more likely to survive the trip to and from the store. Leaks don’t cause a major problem with reusable bags as they are easy to wash. It’s easier to control where reusable bags have been and what germs they may carry.

6. Repurpose for Other Uses

Reusable produce bags can be used for a lot more than carrying groceries. They are nice bags that are essentially a structured tote bag and can be used for many of the things. You can pack your lunch in them, carry your snacks on a road trip, take books to and from the library, etc.

You have to bring the changes because you can. We all know it’s hard to imagine life without plastic grocery bags, but you can replace them with reusable mesh produce bags. There are people over thousands of years who got along just fine using their own bags to carry their purchase. You can carry them too and they are easy to handle and maintain. So, now if it comes to choose between paper bags vs. plastic bags vs. reusable bags, you are definitely eligible to make a wise choice.