6 Gorgeous Hardwood Flooring Styles to Check Out


Known for its beauty and organic look, hardwood flooring is a popular choice among homeowners.

If you’re thinking about installing new hardwood floors, there are a variety of beautiful styles to explore.

Check out these six gorgeous styles of hardwood to check out, so you can update your home with a beautiful, new look.

1. Wide Planks

If you’re a fan of rustic or farmhouse style, be sure to check out wide plank hardwood. This flooring features a wider than average plank that gives your home a barn-like look and feel.

In addition to its unique shape and size, this hardwood flooring adds a bold component to a large living room or kitchen. Add a distressed or whitewashed finish to complete the look.

2. Hardwood Flooring: Warm Maple

Lend rich, deep color to your home with maple hardwood flooring. This wood offers durability and a gorgeous color for a cozy space.

You can find out more about the benefits of maple by talking to a flooring contractor. Pair your maple hardwood floors with gorgeous light cream or ivory paint colors for an eye-pleasing contrast.

3. Versatile Red Oak

If you’re looking for hardwood floors that go with everything, consider red oak. This durable, wear-resistant wood is a beautiful choice for practically every room of the home.

Thanks to its slight tone of red, this material lends a touch of warmth to bedrooms and living rooms. If you need help finding the best flooring contractor to help with installation, check out more here

4. Be Bold with Ebonized Hardwood

For those who love an ultra-modern home, consider installing ebonized hardwood. Ebonizing is a process that turns certain wood species into a rich black color.

You can choose ebonized hardwood in any style, but naturally darker woods like oak, cherry, and walnut tend to have the best and boldest results. This ultra-contemporary form of hardwood will add drama and richness to any space in your home.

5. Go Vintage with Reclaimed Wood

If you really adore a classic, vintage look, consider reclaimed hardwood floors. This wood is salvaged from old buildings or signs and has a ton of unique character.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring shows a bit more wear, but that’s part of what gives it its popular charm. A high-quality floor finish and some sealer should keep your reclaimed wood floors looking fabulous for a long time to come.

6. Exude Exotic Style with Brazilian Cherry

Perhaps one of the most popular exotic hardwoods, Brazilian cherry brings richness and depth to any room. This beautiful wood often has a myriad of colors in the grain that gives it a multifaceted look.

In addition to its richness and beauty, Brazilian cherry is exceptionally durable. Install it in rooms with heavy foot traffic for hardwood floors that will last long into the future.

Elevate Your Home with Hardwood

From wide distressed planks to ebonized wood, consider these styles when you look for new hardwood flooring. This durable, beautiful flooring material adds a natural element to your home and comes in a myriad of beautiful finishes to choose from. 

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