September 24, 2023


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7 Pieces of Equipment You Should Always Have For a Home Remodel

Don’t you hate not having the right instruments to complete a home renovation? For many jobs, you‘ll need more in your toolbox than a hammer and screwdriver.

Your home construction project likely requires construction-grade tools.

Before you tear down house siding and rip out floors, make a tools checklist. Start with these 7 pieces of construction equipment needed for a complete home remodel.

1. Safety Equipment

Whenever you start a project, think of safety first. You could fall victim to the carelessness of yourself or others on-site. And one unfortunate accident can cause serious injuries. 

Limit exposed areas of your body and dress for the job. Wear a hard hat, commercial-grade mask, safety glasses, gloves, and proper footwear. You may also need earmuffs to cancel out the noise. 

2. Electrical Tools

Replacing existing electrical equipment can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Before getting started, use a circuit breaker to ensure your power is off. This is an important step to prevent electrocution. 

You’ll also need wire and cable strippers to remove the out protection layers from each. And don’t forget the right set of pliers for twisting wires. 

3. Plumbing Tools

Like electrical material, you can find tools to aid with plumbing too. You might already have a toilet plunger in your arsenal. But you may also need a cutter for copper pipes,

A few other useful plumbing tools include a drain snake, propane torch, and sandpaper. The last two come in handy for soldering new plumbing connections. 

4. Ladder and Scaffolding 

Here are the top four construction fatalities according to OSHA. Falls lead the list, in part due to inappropriate use of ladders and scaffolding. This reinforces the need for a safety harness along with scaffolding guardrails.

If you’re unsure of the scaffolding equipment needed, take some advice from

5. Proper Lighting

For a home construction project, you need a light more powerful than what’s on your cell phone. Hanging, standing, and hands-free lamps could prove useful. Shining a bright light on the situation may help prevent falls and other accidents. 

6. Demolition Bars

Demolition is no time to worry about getting your hands dirty. But a demolition bar can make a drastic difference in the time it takes to remove what’s old. 

Demolition bars come in several sizes. So assess your needs before investing in something that won’t get the job done. Are you removing carpentry or bringing down a brick fireplace?

7. Saw Blades

After measuring twice you should only have to cut once. Having the right blade for the material you’re cutting saves time and energy. Survey your materials to decide on the size and type of blade needed. 

Do you need a handsaw, jigsaw, or miter saw? Different materials like plywood, glass, tile, and solid wood require different blades. And for smaller jobs, you may only need a portable band saw. 

Preparing For a Home Remodel

You probably have some great ideas to increase your home value. But to make your dreams a reality, you need the right construction equipment. Make a tools list and check it twice, to get the perfect home remodel.

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