December 1, 2023


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Buy mosaic tiles, timber look bathroom tiles

Nowadays, it’s difficult for you to choose a particular type or pattern of tiles for your floors and walls. Because there are so many quality and stylish options available in the market. And thus, investing in a particular tile becomes a daunting task for every homeowner. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of options to choose from in the bathroom tile renovation market. But today, we will present to you two great tiling options in this article. So, let’s begin. 

Buy Mosaic Tiles

Who doesn’t love seeing those beautifully patterned mosaics on the wall? Mosaic tiles have a significant market share in the Australian bathroom renovation industry. And there are various reasons behind this trend. And to help you make the right decision, we have listed those reasons below. 

  • Visual Appeal: Mosaic tiles significantly enhance the decor of your bathroom space. You can use these tiles on the floor or the wall. It will undoubtedly improve the aesthetics in your room.
  • Design Options: It is easy to design creative styles with mosaic tiles. There are endless patterns which you can replicate on these tiles.
  • Endurance: These mosaic tiles have excellent durability, and thus, you can expect lifelong endurance from your mosaic bathroom tiles. 
  • Easy-to-clean: You can easily clean off the dirt and stains on these tiles. And therefore, you don’t have to invest a lot in cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Eco-friendly: Unlike ceramic tiles, it takes significantly less energy consumption to manufacture mosaic tiles. Thus, make sure to buy environment-friendly mosaic tiles today!    

Now that we have completed with mosaic tiles, let’s unravel another great tiling option.  

Timber Tiles

Although it is still new, people are generally considering timber look bathroom tiles for their renovation. And why won’t they? There are many benefits associated with getting these tiles. And thus, we would encourage you to try these tiles for your bathroom as well. Here is why getting timber look bathroom tiles is the best choice for you in the market. 

  • Endless Design & Colours: Earlier, it was impossible to produce varying designs and colours out of timber tiles.  However, with newer technology, it’s possible to do so. 
  • Low-cost Maintenance: You don’t have to hire repair services too often. These timber tiles offer high endurance, and thus, it costs very little to maintain them. 
  • Water & Scratch Resistance: Worried about water ingress and scratches on your tiles? With timber look bathroom tile, you don’t have to.
  • Environment-friendly: As we know, natural clays are used to produce timber look bathroom tiles. And thus, there is no cutting of any trees for the production of these tiles.   

Here, we have covered both tiling options in detail. So, why not get one of these tiles for your next bathroom renovation? But from where should you buy these mosaic and timber look tiles? 

Affordable, Convenient & Reliable Tilers

Over the years there have been many manufacturers and suppliers who make interior tiles in Sydney, Australia. You’ll have to look up to each one of them and decide on the one who provides you with the ideal package, keeping in mind both the product quality and services.