April 20, 2024


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Everything to Consider When Choosing a Sewer Cleaning Service


No one wants to run into plumbing issues. But because we depend on plumbing and water systems daily, eventually we are going to need them serviced.

And the worst thing to have to get serviced is the sewer. This is where all the waste goes. So if there’s a problem with your sewer lines, it might mean that waste is getting backed up. You could be in for some tough smells.

Luckily, you can easily hire a sewer cleaning service to get this sorted out for you. That way, you never have to deal with smelly messes on your own.

But how should you go about hiring a sewer cleaner? Just call the first company that pops up? 

Not so fast. If you want your sewer problems fixed once and for all, you need to get it repaired the right way. Here’s how to hire the best cleaner the first time.

When to Call a Sewer Cleaning Service

Do you ever notice funny smells coming from a sink, toilet, shower, or another type of drain? If so, there’s a chance there’s a clog somewhere inside preventing waste from going all the way down the drain.

If you don’t get this fixed, it can get worse and worse until you have a backlog. If you get a backlog in your sewer, you’ll need to hire emergency plumbing services to solve the issue immediately. If you don’t, it could cause other unnecessary damage to your home or business.

Also, if you notice that liquids are slow to drain from sinks and tubs, you could be having sewer problems. As soon as you notice these issues, you should have a professional sewer cleaner inspect and solve the problem. It will be cheaper than letting it grow into a bigger issue.

What to Consider When Hiring a Sewer Cleaner

If you want to have the best sewer cleaning experience, you need to hire the right company the first time around. When shopping around for a cleaning company, these are the factors to consider. 


Ideally, there is a local sewer cleaning company located in the same town as your home or business. This will save you from having to pay extra fees that service providers often charge for long drives.

If they are located locally, you’ll likely be able to depend on them for future issues, should an emergency ever come up and require immediate assistance.

How Long They’ve Been in Business

You should be able to browse prospective service provider websites and determine some important information about the company. On their about page, they should list how long they’ve been in business.

If they have been serving your local area for many years, they are probably a company to be trusted. If they are brand new, or won’t say how long they’ve been in operation, get a quote anyways, but be slightly skeptical.

They might be professional and reliable, but without a long track record, you are taking some risks when hiring them.

Do They Specialize in Residential or Commercial?

Some sewer cleaning companies only service commercial properties. If you are needing your business serviced, this is the type of company to hire. You want a team of cleaners that is competent enough to handle large, complex plumbing systems.

If a company specializes in residential sewers, they’ll be a good choice for home plumbing issues. But don’t hire them for a commercial job, even if they say they can do it. There’s a good chance that they are inexperienced with large-scale plumbing systems. 

Do They Have the Right Sewer Cleaning Equipment?

Sewer drain cleaning requires lots of specialized equipment. After all, you need to be able to see inside long, narrow pipes. Debris needs to be cleared from these sewage pipes. And repairs may need to be made, which can be quite complex.

A professional sewer cleaner should arrive at your location in a large, outfitted truck or van. If they show up in a tiny, beat-up sedan, that’s probably not the type of cleaner you want handling your sewage issues. 

Check Online Reviews

When hiring any type of local service provider, you should always check online customer reviews. The company should have some listed on their website. However, they often only choose the best reviews to showcase online.

Be sure to also check third-party sites, such as Google reviews or the BBB. You can also reach out to your local community or network for recommendations.

If you are hiring for residential, you can post on Facebook that you are looking for professional recommendations. Friends and neighbors will be able to provide feedback if they know of anyone that would be a good fit.

Likewise, those hiring commercial service providers can reach out to other business owners to see if they’ve hired this type of company in the past. 

Compare Cleaning Fees

Cleaning and repairing sewers is complex, but it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Specialized equipment makes the process fast and simple.

If there are multiple companies nearby, make sure to get a quote from each one and compare them. If they are all similar in price, you’re probably safe with any of them.

If there’s one company that is much higher or lower than the rest, that could be a red flag. There’s generally a standard rate unless you have a custom-built commercial system that could require a more extensive cleaning process. 

Keeping Your Pipes Clean

One of the best ways to maintain your sewers and pipes is by preventing damage or blockage in the first place. This means installing strainers in sinks to catch debris, preventing it from going down the drain and building up over time.

Also, consider where your pipes are located outside. If they are near trees, the roots of a tree could eventually grow into the pipes, causing tons of damage. Removing the tree ahead of time can be more cost-effective. 

Prevention Is Key

Hiring a sewer cleaning service, even before you need one, can be a good idea too. They can inspect your sewers to ensure there are no problems forming.

That way, they can prevent issues from happening, ensuring you never have to deal with foul odors or clogs and backlogs. Remember, prevention is key.

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