July 18, 2024


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Garage doors: What automatic garage door do I need?

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What should you take into account when choosing garage doors? What types of garage doors are there? Here you have it all about garage doors.

You can’t pick garage doors on the blossoms. Keep in mind that automatic garage doors have already become a very important part of the entrance to your home. In fact, it is often even the main access to your home.

And along with aesthetics, you must consider that it is also a security element. Good solid, well-built garage doors will make you feel much more secure in your home. And don’t forget to ask about the price, and then you can compare the price with Garage door prices Cape Town.

Within the sector of garage doors you will find different types and models and also an infinity of finishes. Together with the choice of your garage door, you cannot forget to get yourself with motors for doors and automatisms that facilitate its work, which is none other than opening and closing so that you enter your home in a comfortable and safe way.

Tips for choosing the best garage doors

What should we look at to choose the best garage doors for our home? Here are some tips. There they go:

1. What decorative style do I have in my house?

As we told you at the beginning. To feel comfortable with our garage doors, we must first look at what decorative style our home has. Also if the garage door is intended for the garage of a community of neighbors or an urbanization or chalet. If you have a home with a rustic style, look for materials that suit this style. If you are minimalist, of course an automatic garage door finished in white could be the best solution.

2. What materials are garage doors made of?

We do not have to tell you that the materials with which garage doors have been made are of vital importance. And they are also related to the decorative style you have chosen. What you are looking for, without a doubt, is a robust and durable automatic door. That it does not give any type of problem in its maintenance.

You can find them metallic, wrought iron, wood … Also in steel or iron. Where the door is located will be very important when choosing materials. If it is very exposed to inclement weather, iron or steel may be best instead of wood.

3. How do I open and close the garage doors?

Depending on the space you have in your garage, a sectional, folding, sliding or rolling door will suit you. Each one has a different opening system. Later we will see these systems one by one.

4. Rolling garage doors

This type of automatic roll-up garage doors “roll up” on top of your garage. These are great for saving space in your garage because the entire door sits in the ceiling. It is also widely used in all types of shops. As you are seeing, garage doors can also have many commercial uses. We are talking about the typical roller blind.

5. Sectional garage doors

As their name indicates, sectional automatic garage doors are made from panels that fold and unfold vertically. They also save a lot of space.

Some advice we do want to offer you from Portamatic. It is advisable that when you go to install automatic doors for your garage or your business premises you think about putting a small pedestrian door. You can place it either in the center of your door or on the side. It is a safety measure in case any of the garage door automatisms fail.