How Does the Heat Pump Water Heater System Work?

How Does a Heat Pump Work? - Air and Water

In an era like now, the types of water heaters are increasingly diverse on the market, ranging from solar water heaters, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, and there is also a heat pump water heater. Heat pump water heater is one of the most widely used types by the community because it saves electricity and is also cost effective.

But do you know how the heat pump water heater works?

The working system of a heat pump water heater is almost similar to an air conditioner (AC), but the difference is that the heat pump water heater will absorb the surrounding air to heat the water, then the cold air will be discharged. The heat pump water heater also uses electricity with a small amount of power because the electricity used is only to power the heat pump compressor, in contrast to the electric heater which uses electricity as a medium for transferring heat to the water.

The hot water will be stored in the water reservoir contained in the heat pump machine, and then channeled to the hot water network in the house. However, it should be noted that if your house has 2 floors or more, it is better to provide a hot water network on each floor, so that the results obtained can be maximized. If you need to consul, visit this Heat pump Auckland.

In addition, the working system, the forging of the heat pump water heater also needs to be considered so that later the work process of this tool can run more optimally. The use of a heat pump water heater also does not need to depend on the weather and is environmentally friendly because it utilizes the surrounding air.

Heat pump water heaters are also known as water heaters whose performance is the most efficient compared to other water heaters, so you can get optimal benefits and become an investment for you and your family.