April 21, 2024


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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Swimming Pool for Your Home?

Do you want to build a swimming pool in your backyard? It’s usually going to cost you a pretty penny to do it.

Swimming pool prices obviously vary. But on average, people often pay somewhere between $7,000 and $16,000 for swimming pools. And they can cost a whole lot more than that in some cases.

You shouldn’t let that stop you from considering having a home swimming pool installed, though. Instead, you should find out what your exact swimming pool cost is going to be so that you can determine if installing one is going to be a good idea.

There are several factors that are going to help you calculate what you can expect to pay while building a swimming pool. We’re going to touch on a bunch of them today so that you’re able to begin to estimate what it’ll cost you to put a pool into your backyard.

Here are the factors that will go into the cost to build a swimming pool.

The Swimming Pool Installation Company You Choose

When you’re kicking around the idea of trying to build a swimming pool in your backyard, you’re going to want to bring a swimming pool installation company on board to assist you. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking one down.

At the moment, there are about 15,000 swimming pool construction companies operating throughout the country. That should include at least a few options in your city or town.

But you shouldn’t just choose the first one you can find. That could potentially lead to you paying more than you should have to for a swimming pool.

You should look around at your various options and see what each one of them is going to charge you for a pool. You may be able to save yourself a nice chunk of change by going with one option over another in the end.

The Type of Swimming Pool You Pick Out

There are a handful of different types of swimming pools that you can choose from when you’re in the market for one. It’s going to be up to you to decide which one you want to install in your backyard.

You can go with a very basic rectangular swimming pool if you would like. You can also customize your pool to be a unique shape if you think that will work better. You’ll want to sift through the different backyard pool designs to see which type of pool might suit you best.

If you choose a type of swimming pool that’s on the simpler side, it’s going to be much cheaper to install than something that’s been customized from start to finish. It’s a big part of the reason why you’re going to want to weigh your options when it comes to pool designs before landing on the one that you like the most.

The Size of the Swimming Pool You Install

Just like swimming pools come in many different styles, they can also come in just about any size that you might want. You can have a swimming pool built to be as big or as small as you might want it—but it’s worth remembering that the size of your pool will have an impact on your swimming pool cost.

If you don’t mind investing in a pool that’s on the smaller side, it’s going to fall on the lower end of the spectrum with regards to price. A swimming pool installation company isn’t going to have to spend a lot of time or resources installing it, which will keep your costs down.

But if you want a very big swimming pool, it’s going to be a different story. You’re going to have to prepare to pay a lot more money for something that’s on the bigger side since it’ll take more time and resources to bring it to life.

You should be able to find something in your sweet spot that will give you a pool that’s big enough for your backyard at a price point that you can afford.

The Location of the Swimming Pool You Put Into Place

The exact location of the swimming pool that you’re going to install in your backyard might be a lot more important to the price of it than you would think. You could end up paying way more for a pool than expected simply because of where you’re going to put it.

In order to build a swimming pool for you, a swimming pool installation company will have to dig a huge hole in your backyard for it. And this could turn into a complicated process if there are going to be a bunch of obstacles that get in their way.

If, for example, your backyard is filled with trees, bushes, hard soil, or any number of other things, it could send the cost of your swimming pool skyrocketing. You might want to carefully consider where you’re going to put a pool in your backyard to lower your costs.

The Materials Used to Make a Swimming Pool for You

So many different materials can be used to make a swimming pool from scratch. Some of the materials that a swimming pool installation company might use are:

  • Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Sand
  • Glass

A company isn’t usually going to have to use all these materials to make a swimming pool. But they are going to have to use some combination of them. And your swimming pool cost is going to be affected by which materials you settle on utilizing.

You should have a discussion with your swimming pool company about which materials might work best for your pool. You should also gauge how much money you might be able to save by going with one set of materials over another.

The Time It Takes You to Install a Swimming Pool

As you can probably guess, a swimming pool installation company isn’t going to be able to build a swimming pool for you overnight. In fact, they aren’t even going to be able to do it in a matter of a few weeks.

More often than not, it’s going to take a swimming pool installation company anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to polish off a pool from start to finish. It’s not going to be a job that they can rush through to any degree.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that some pools can be installed way faster than others. A standard pool without any bells and whistles is going to get installed much quicker than one that is being customized from the ground up.

And the faster that a swimming pool can go into place, the less you’re going to have to pay for it. It’s not going to require as much labor to install it, which is going to bring down your swimming pool prices.

The Equipment Used to Power Up a Swimming Pool for You

You can build a swimming pool that looks absolutely amazing. But if it doesn’t have all the right equipment hooked up to it, guess what? It’s not going to look very nice for long!

For this reason, you’re going to have to finish off your new swimming pool by outfitting it with all the necessary equipment. This equipment will keep the water in your pool circulating and ensure that it stays as clean as it possibly can.

Here is just some of the equipment that you’re going to need to install along with your pool:

  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Heater
  • Cleaner

You might also want to invest in things like a chemical feeder. It’s going to make it so much easier for you to maintain your new pool.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to start skimping when it’s time to pay for equipment for your swimming pool. You’re going to be asking for trouble if you do since it’ll make it very challenging to keep your pool water clean.

It would be worth paying a little bit extra for the best pool equipment in the business. It’ll guarantee that you get as much life as you can out of your pool in the long run. 

You Can Build a Swimming Pool for Less Than You Might Think

It’s really hard to provide you with a price for a swimming pool without knowing more details about it. Everything from the type of swimming pool that you want to the size of the pool you’re imagining in your head will have an impact on the cost of it.

You should consider each and every factor listed here before you even think about attempting to build a swimming pool. They should help to shed some light on approximately how much you’re going to have to pay to put a pool in your backyard.

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard is just one great home improvement that you can make right now. Want to learn about some of your other options? Find out what they are by reading the other articles on our blog.