July 14, 2024


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How to Fly a Drone, Code Indicator Lights and RTH Features

How to Fly a Drone: A Beginner's Guide - 42 West, the Adorama Learning  Center

Have you ever wanted to fly a drone but were afraid the drone would fall, get caught in a tree or hit a power pole or even disappear? Currently drones have increasingly sophisticated features and sensors. How to fly a drone is very easy. You don’t have to worry about the drone falling because it runs out of battery while flying, because it has an RTH feature. Visit this website if need drone survey rambuildingconsultancy.co.uk

In this article, DJI Indonesia will discuss preparation before flying a drone, drone light codes, and RTH features. Here are things you should pay attention to before flying a drone:

Preparation How to Fly a DJI Drone

If you own a DJI Mavic Series Drone , the things you should pay attention to before you start flying the drone are:

  • Remove the lens guard which also protects the gimbal.
  • Open the front arms first, then the back arms. The arm is the part of the propeller.
  • Once opened, then adjust the position of the propeller so that it is tight.
  • If the propeller must be installed such as the Phantom Series  or Mavic 2 Pro Attach the propeller with the white marking to the marked place. Press the propeller toward the motor, turning it until the propeller is firmly attached. If it’s just folded, just unfold it.
  • To charge the battery the first time, it takes about 95 minutes.
  • Make sure all arms are open and in their proper position.

Setting Up the DJI Remote Control and How to Fly the Drone

  • From the storage slot, remove the control lever on the remote controller and snap it into place.
  • Drag the place to put the smartphone. Then select the appropriate cable for your device and plug it in. If you are using an Android device, click the charge only option. In order for the connection to work.
  • Turn on the remote control first and there will be a connecting status on the remote screen. Then open the DJI Go 4 application.
  • Then turn on your drone.
  • Click the up arrow icon on your smartphone screen and slide it, then the drone will fly by itself.
  • On the left lever the up and down movement will make the drone go up and down. If the lever is pointed to the right or left, the drone will rotate or rotate.
  • For the right lever, the forward movement makes the drone move forward and down makes the drone backward.