Is working from home ruining your posture? This back corrector is on sale.

Is working from home ruining your posture? This back corrector is on sale.

TL;DR: Get personalized spinal support with the Allbaro Air Posture Corrector for $99.99, a 16% savings as of June 21.

As we head towards month four of our new normal, the impact of working from home is starting to show. For one thing, spending all day in pajama pants is starting to lose its appeal (for some). And we can all agree that working from the couch could be seriously messing up our backs.

Your posture might be suffering already — you just haven’t gotten up off the couch long enough to notice.

If you’re feeling the strain and tension of leaning over a computer screen, check out the Allbaro Air Posture Corrector. Unlike other similar products, this corrector features personalized spinal support thanks to its patented air cell technology. That basically means it will adjust to you instead of you wiggling around to get comfortable. So while it adjusts to fit your body using its air-pressure design, you can relax on your favorite reading chair for thirty minutes and let it work to realign your balance.

Check it out:

The corrector does its best work with consistent use, but the process of using it is so simple you’ll start to look forward to it. Once on, all you need to do is twist the included hand air pump to the air valve and start pumping to create extremely comfortable back support. Then simply release the air with the push of a button.

Don’t worry about sweating or getting uncomfortable while it’s on. The breathable mesh prevents overheating and the double fabric design is super malleable for a comfortable fit. Honestly, it’s incredibly easy to use, and as the older folks in your life probably tell you often, what you do today will pay dividends down the line.

Usually, $120, you can get the Allbaro Air Posture Corrector for $99.99 on sale for a limited time.

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