April 21, 2024


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Planning to Get a Dog? Make sure you are ready with these 3 important things

Having a pet is fun, because we have friends to play with at home when we are bored. 

However, if you want to raise animals, you need to do some preparation, such as where they sleep, food, and your readiness to care for them. 

The most popular favorite pets of humans are dogs and cats. However, now Bobo will discuss about pet dogs.  Not to be careless, we need to prepare everything before actually bringing a pet dog home.

Reporting from  The Spruce Pets , here are 3 important things we must prepare before finding a favorite puppy. 

1. Prepare yourself

Before raising a puppy, the first thing to prepare is yourself. Puppies should get more care and attention from their owners. 

Examples include feeding him three to four times a day, taking him for walks around the house, and getting out of the house when bored. 

We must be prepared for the behavior of an active puppy and do not like to sit still. Puppies should also not be left in the crate for several hours alone.  Better yet, train puppies not to bite things at home and not to defecate in the cage. So, are we ready to accompany and invite the puppies to play during their breaks? 

2. Types of Puppies

After successfully deciding to keep a puppy, then we must pay attention to the following. Make sure you already know about the type or breed of dog that suits what we want, friends. 

Do we want a large puppy, or a pup that is active as an adult, or a dog with thick fur? Puppies that will grow into large adult dogs require more expensive food, medicine, and necessities. Meanwhile, puppies who have thick fur need good fur care, so that their fur does not fall out. 

Well, we need to pay attention to things like this so that we can take good care of them until they are adults.

3. Items Needed by Puppies

After determining what breed of puppy we want, and have found a dog adoption place, this is the thing to do. Prepare some items needed in the care of puppies at home. We can consult with people who have had puppies before. 

Prepare dog toys, such as leash and toys for biting. This will help the dog train his sensitivity and active behavior. We also have to prepare bowls for eating and drinking. Try to eat and drink made of metal, yes. 

This is done in order to prevent skin irritation that occurs in the dog if he accidentally chews the food container. Also prepare a place for the puppy to sleep. For example, the size of the cage, or a small mattress that makes sleeping more comfortable. 

Next, we can prepare a comb or special tool to treat the fur gently. 

Also pay attention to the health of the dog by choosing the right vet and animal hospital for puppies. If you want to have bulldog, you can buy in frenchbulldogsofflorida.com