July 18, 2024


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Planning work and materials for bathroom renovation

The bathroom is a room where a person can carry out activities to clean the body from all forms of dirt that may stick or be removed by our own bodies. The bathroom is the only place in the house that has the highest level of privacy. In general, bathrooms can be divided into two types, wet and dry.


Bathroom renovation is not an easy job. Especially if the renovation is on a large scale, because it is related to the clean water pipe system, dirty water pipe system and solid sewage pipe system. Are you planning to renovate your bathroom in the near future? If so, have you started buying the supplies you will need? Have you made the decision to completely change around the bathroom or just make a few changes? The first thing you should do, of course, bathroom renovation bracknell is plan carefully for these changes. Here are the items that should be considered in planning to renovate the bathroom.


Bathroom Size: The size of a bathroom mainly depends on the available land. If the house is large, it is possible to make a large bathroom. But if the land area of ​​the house is limited, the bathroom must also be adjusted. Another factor is the activities carried out in the bathroom. If the bathroom is used as a place to dress up or you like to take a bath, of course the size of the bathroom must be bigger


Bathroom Type: Bathrooms with dry floors look cleaner. However, wet floors are still preferred because of Indonesian bathing habits. It is also possible to place a dry and wet bathroom in one room. The concern is that there must be a separator so that the dry floor does not get wet. For example, by using a fiber glass separator or the wet part can be made with a lower surface and separated by a plastic curtain.


Bathroom Furniture: Laying “furniture” bathroom should be arranged. For example, the sink is placed to the front so that when washing hands, we do not need to go into the bathroom or the closet should not be placed after the floor area is wet.


Description: The bathroom is often a place for germs to grow. So, if possible, design so that the bathroom can get sunlight, for example by using transparent tiles or other transparent materials that are translucent to the sun. Because the presence of sunlight can prevent germs from growing. In addition, it can help save the use of lights during the day.


Ventilation: To be healthy, the bathroom also needs air circulation. Poor circulation can make the bathroom smell bad. Then a lattice can be made at the bottom of the door or at the top of the bathroom. If it is not possible to install a grille, an exhaust fan can be installed.


Security: The safety of the bathroom also needs to be considered, because we don’t want any family members to get hurt or fall in the bathroom. So for the floor, you should not choose a slippery floor. Cleanliness must also be considered, so that there is no moss so that the bathroom becomes slippery.



After the planning process, of course, you have to shop for materials. It’s better for us to shop for renovation materials ourselves, because we will be able to choose the style of the materials we will install starting from ceramics, faucets, closets, sinks and other bathroom knick-knacks. And of course we can also measure our financial condition. Currently, special department stores for building materials have emerged, such as building depots. Marmic Team is best chioces for anyone who wants to do it.


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