June 13, 2024


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Read These Three Tips Before Renovating Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places that residents use every day, especially when cooking and preparing food. In fact, there are also those who make the kitchen a relaxing room because the kitchen room is integrated or connected directly to the family room, aka without a barrier.

Therefore, the role of the kitchen is very important in family activities, so many homeowners make the kitchen renovation as comfortable as possible. So, do you have plans to renovate your kitchen or are you interested in trying to redesign an existing kitchen?

There is a lot to consider when renovating or redesigning a family kitchen. Here are three tips to consider before remodeling your kitchen.

1. Prepare Detailed Renovation Plan

In this context, what should be prepared? Starting from the beginning, determine whether to use the services of an interior designer or not. If you are renovating a full kitchen or on a large scale, it is better to use the services of an interior designer because a design plan will be made. As a information you can see service from kitchen renovation in Reading .

That detailed preparation includes paying attention to your cooking habits. Because, the basic design of the kitchen adjusts to the needs, whether to do cooking activities long enough and how often. For example, you often cook rendang or other foods that take a long time, of course, it will make the kitchen hot for a long time, so it takes the right openings so that air circulation is smooth. The preparation is large and wide enough so that once cooked, all ingredients and utensils fit in one table frame.

2. Choose a Design Concept According to Your Needs and Color Scheme

For this, it starts from knowing the daily activities and needs of the homeowner. The concept can be determined, whether to use a kitchen set or not. If you need a kitchen set, also determine the area. Simply put, it is usually designed with a 60 cm module box. One module represents one location function. There are at least three modules, namely washing, preparation, and cooking. In other words, the minimum kitchen set is 180 cm.

Although the kitchen set can be customized as desired, if the kitchen is too small, it will add to the narrowness of the kitchen. Furthermore, shelves can also be made to store cooking utensils and other kitchen needs. Shelf will not reduce function, in fact more aesthetic value can be added. And then, you also must know that service from kitchen renovation in Bracknell is good alternatives to do it.

In addition, the color scheme also needs to be determined from the start to anticipate buying the wrong kitchen furniture. The right color can also affect the mood when cooking. So, kitchen trends can be adjusted to your own wishes or those that are currently popular.

3. Repairing Old Furniture

This can help save even more on renovation costs. So, for that, you must check the location and condition of the installed furniture.

Usually in the kitchen there is an air-sink faucet, gas stove, and kitchen hood. These tools are generally durable and can still be reused. However, if you have more budget, they can be replaced to suit your new kitchen design.

As for the work of door panels and cupboards, everything can be resurfaced. However, there is a possibility that it will be damaged when disassembled or there are holes used for bolts that are loose and cannot be reused.