Recognize the Causes of Water Pipe Leaks

Broken and Damaged Pipes - Leaks Can Cause Water Damage

How to repair a leaky pipe is classified as requiring high accuracy. In addition to accuracy, the process is also very troublesome. Especially if you have to dismantle pipes that have been embedded in the walls or on the floor.

Therefore, you should be wary of pipe leaks at home. It would be even better if you can prevent it. Consider the following causes of water pipe leaks as knowledge as well as the first step in preventing water pipe leaks.

Before looking for ways to fix a leaky pipe, first identify the cause of the leak. Here are the causes that have the potential to make a leak in the water pipe reference from

1. Pipe Quality

Use high-quality pipes, especially for installations embedded in walls or floors. Don’t be tempted by cheap pipes, which are prone to leaks.

Unless you want to install the pipe outside (not planted). So it doesn’t matter if you choose a cheap pipe, because it can be easily monitored and the repair process is not difficult.

2. Quality of Wall Plaster

Wall plaster that is too hard gives a strong pressing effect on the embedded pipe. This causes the pipes that have been embedded for a long time to break and large leaks occur. Therefore, make sure the quality of your wall plaster is the best or replace your pipe with a stronger quality.

3. Corrosion

Corrosion in pipes is a common thing that occurs in pipes that have not been replaced for a long time. In addition to the age of the pipe, the water content can also affect the condition of the pipe. Keep the pH level of the water in your home balanced to slow down the corrosion process.

For this unavoidable corrosion process, you inevitably have to replace the water pipes in your dwelling regularly.

4. Pipe Fitting Quality

Plumbing must be done properly. Reduce the connection points in your water installation, because these are the points that are prone to leaks. Moreover, if the connection between the pipes does not use quality glue, the connection will easily come off.

These loose or displaced joints can be caused by corrosion and too high water pressure going. Therefore, use quality pipe glue at the joints between the pipes, and make sure that the water pressure is not too high.

Those are the things that can be the cause of leaks in the water pipe. If you already know the exact cause, then you can start fixing it yourself. Then how to fix a leaky pipe independently? should patch it or replace the old pipe with a new one?