May 17, 2024


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Stop Throwing Garbage Carelessly! Obey these 3 rules so as not to pollute the environmen


Cleanliness is one of the main keys to health. Unfortunately, there are still many people who neglect to keep themselves and their environment clean by littering. In fact, without realizing it, there are various dangers that lurk due to littering. Then, how to dispose of waste properly and environmentally friendly?

How to dispose of trash the right way

Quoting from the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Home Affairs , public awareness of the importance of maintaining cleanliness is still relatively low. You can use service from  Junk Removal Andover

Only 20 percent of the total Indonesian people care about the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and its impact on health. In fact, managing waste properly and correctly is not as difficult as imagined, you know! Take a look at the following steps to find out how:

1. Know the type of waste

Not all the trash you will throw away is the same. Waste is divided into several types, namely organic, inorganic, and B3.

Organic trash

Organic waste is waste that easily decomposes and decomposes, such as those from plants or living things.

This type of waste will go through a process of biodegradation alias decomposition by microorganisms.

inorganic waste

As the name implies, inorganic waste cannot be decomposed naturally like organic waste. Another name for this type of waste is dry waste.

B3 Garbage

B3 stands for “hazardous and toxic materials”. This type of waste usually comes from components that can pollute the environment so you cannot throw it away.

2. Separate waste according to type

Before throwing garbage at home, you should group garbage according to its type. For example, do not combine organic waste with inorganic. Therefore, there is no harm in providing several trash bins to accommodate different wastes.

This will help determine where your trash will go. For example, will the waste be recycled, buried, or disposed of in a special landfill?

3. Dispose of trash in the appropriate place

After sorting it out, it’s now easier for you to decide whether you want to recycle or throw away the trash. Confused about how to distribute waste according to its type? Here are the tips:

How to dispose of organic waste

For organic waste such as food scraps and leaves, you can process it into compost. In this way, you make the waste at home more useful for the environment.