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The best hunting laser rangefinders: comparison 2021

6 Best Rangefinders [Buyer's Guide] (Mar. 2021)

When choosing the best laser rangefinder, you will likely notice that most of the time they fall into two different categories.  Usually we talk about those intended for golfers and there are models that are intended for hunters. Hunting is an outdoor leisure activity that requires great visual acuity. You need to be able to observe at long distances. Hunting binoculars are essential equipment for any casual hunter. Before continue to read, check for Best Rangefinder 2020 too.

But how do you calculate the distance between you and the game to adjust your shot? This is where the hunting laser rangefinder comes in. Accurate and efficient, they determine the exact distance from a target to its user in a matter of seconds. Here is our buying guide as always looking to suit your needs and your budget.

The best laser rangefinders for hunting.

Which laser rangefinder is best suited for hunting?

The hunting laser rangefinder is a great instrument for the hunter because it allows him to know the exact distance between himself and his prey and therefore prepare his shot according to it. The hunting laser rangefinder is suitable for rifle or bow hunting.

How to use and choose a laser rangefinder for hunting?

There are laser range finders that can be used for both hunting and golfing. Although they are not as efficient as those suitable for these two types of activities, they are a good alternative for a successful hunt or a game of golf. For this, these rangefinders have an almost phenomenal range.

They are able to read the distance of an object almost 1000 meters away, at least when the weather is extremely favorable (no rain or fog) and the reflective surface is adequate. This identification is done almost automatically. Successful and accurate shooting requires a good target image. This can be accomplished by using a laser rangefinder with bright, clear optics.

To get this sharp and accurate image, the laser rangefinder must have good magnification capabilities. In general, it should be between 5x and 8x. There are many brands of laser rangefinders for golf and hunting. The Bushnell brand, specialized since 1995 in laser rangefinders for hunting, has incomparable models. You can choose a cheap laser rangefinder or a professional laser rangefinder from this or another prestigious brand by comparing prices in stores and considering various selection criteria.

Other criteria to check

A hunting laser rangefinder must also have an impeccable reticle and aiming points. The reticles are the cross, point or circle that our eye sees once we observe a target. It requires good lighting so that it can be clearly distinguished when it is only a black line like that found in conventional laser rangefinders. Therefore, it is difficult to see in the dark.

Some crosshairs are made of LED light, which makes them difficult to identify at night because they become so bright. Therefore, it is necessary to come to a conclusion and choose a laser rangefinder based on your reticle.

Also make sure of the battery life of your device and its weight. Because hunting trips are usually long and exhausting. It should be light and save as much space as possible.