June 13, 2024


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Tips for Choosing Organic Fertilizer

What Is Organic Farming and Organic Fertilizers?

It is undeniable that organic fertilizers perform better than chemical-based fertilizers. The results obtained from the use of this fertilizer are of higher quality and can reduce production costs. To know more about how to use organic fertilizer, here are tips for choosing organic fertilizer.

Advantages of using biofertilizers

One of the advantages of using organic fertilizers is that it can increase the availability of nutrients and soil fertility. Another advantage of this fertilizer is that it increases the ability of roots to absorb nutrients, suppresses the growth rate of pathogenic microbes, and is able to increase productivity.

Biofertilizers contain beneficial microorganisms such as nitrogen-fixing microorganisms, phosphate solubilizing microorganisms, microorganisms that add organic matter, and complete growth hormones.

Choose according to function

The use of organic fertilizers must also be in accordance with the phase. This is because different phases will require different fertilizer requirements for plants. For the seedling phase, you can use magicgro G2 which is good for root growth. In the enlargement phase, you can use magicgro G6 fertilizer, the use of this fertilizer is good on soils that have low nutrient content.

In the vegetative period, plants need a lot of nitrogen so use fertilizers that have a high nitrogen content. In the generative period, plants need more phosphorus and potassium.

Use microbial fertilizer

The next tip for choosing organic fertilizers is to use microbial fertilizers. Microbial fertilizers are basically sold in many agricultural shops. These microbes function to decompose fertilizer elements into ions so that the nutrient content is more easily absorbed by plants.

Don’t need to look at the brand

Currently, there are many brands of organic fertilizer in circulation, more than 200 brands have been spread. What you need to pay attention to is the content in the fertilizer is in accordance with your needs or not. The expiration date doesn’t really matter. The longer it is stored, the better the fertilizer will be.

Avoid using only one brand of fertilizer

Each brand of fertilizer will contain different micro and macro nutrients. If the use of fertilizers continues with the same brand, it will cause an imbalance. Therefore, to get all micro and macro nutrients completely, use different fertilizers like metrop.pl