April 20, 2024


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Tricks to Choose the Ideal Life Partner. Those of you who are desperate to find a match

Those who are single want to get a crush quickly, those who are looking for a boyfriend are confused about choosing a partner that can be brought to death. Those who are already in a relationship, lyrics here and there to find something better than the one they are partnering with. Some people think mate is a mystery, the rest mutually change girlfriends like buying a cellphone.

1. Knowing yourself is important

I am not temperature or psychic. I am a normal person with a body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. I’m not dreaming, I’m still stepping on the ground. I’m also not a fortune teller, I’m a nosy person and likes to observe the behavior of others. Therefore, do not assume that these tips for finding a mate are accurate. I’m just sharing about love, if you like it, thank you, if you don’t like it, please scold.

2. Actually, there are only 2 types of partner options with whom you will fall in love

The predictions about the right mate for you can actually be divided into two types of people. A partner of the same sex as you who does nothing immediately agrees with your words or a partner who is the opposite. Be careful if you are currently opposite the her/him, it could be. So, what kind are you?

3. Personality theory

According to the theory of Hartman and Galenus, there are 4 human personalities. And of these four humans can be combined into two types. Active personality and passive personality, optimistic and pessimistic, impulsive and defensive, calm and aggressive. So, which type are you now?

4. What if you choose a same-sex partner?

Life is a choice, so is a soul mate. Choosing a life partner of the same kind is good because it clicks right away. The mindset is almost the same, the rhythm is almost the same. I say almost the same because in reality nothing is really the same. Only the outline is the same. The principle of life is the same, the way to do it is different.

If you choose a similar partner then your life will be stuck. Well, people have almost the same nature, well, many agree than not. Many connect it than disconnect. Obviously, marrying someone like that is quiet, there is rarely an open war. You can count on your fingers the problems that provoke an open war with your partner. You more often agree than disagree. That’s how good it is to choose a life partner of the same sex.

Before going out with my current boyfriend, I once dated someone who had the opposite personality. He is Phlegmatic Sanguine while I am Choleric Melancholy. If I choose north, he chooses south, if I’m sad, he just says don’t think about it. When I’m emotional, he doesn’t empathize. It’s not his fault that he has a cheerful and optimistic personality. It’s the same with me, who didn’t ask to be born a Choleric Melancholy. I’m just dating the opposite of me. Do you have questions or concerns that other traditional methods of fortune-telling don’t help you solve? You can use service from cartomanzia.fun