December 7, 2023


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What are the Types of Storage?

Energy storage types classified by type of stored energy ...

The warehouse has several types including private warehouses, public warehouses, climate controlled warehouses, automatic warehouses, and distribution center warehouses. To understand these types of warehouses, the following will explain the types of warehouses below.

1. Personal Storage 

This type of private warehouse is a place for storing goods that are owned by suppliers or resellers. Companies that often take advantage of this type of warehouse are retail companies.

The company will keep an inventory of goods from the supplier’s factories which will later be distributed to several stores they manage. You can find best company for self storage here

2. General Storage

The type of general warehouse is a warehouse that is leased to the public, because it is leased freely, the ownership and contents of the warehouse are also quite varied depending on its use.

Usually those who rent this type of warehouse are companies that already have warehouses, but are looking for additional space due to the limited capacity of the warehouse to store inventory.

3. Climate Controlled Repository

This type of warehouse is a warehouse for various products that require special handling. What is meant is related to the temperature in the warehouse. This type of warehouse is usually used by food or beverage companies.

As an example of an ice cream warehouse. To store this type of product, of course, a special warehouse with a fairly cold temperature is needed, and from its facilities, this type of warehouse is very different from the usual warehouse.

Not many have warehouses like this except for companies that are involved in the specialty food business. Regarding management matters, this special storage area requires special handling as well. Because if not, then the product stored will be damaged or unfit for distribution.

4. Automatic Storage

As the name implies, this type of warehouse operates automatically using computer and robot technology. With the rapid advancement of technology and continuing to innovate, some humans have succeeded in creating sophisticated robots.

So now many types of warehouses already have high-tech equipment that can operate automatically. Many have used conveyor belts which are useful for transporting goods so as to minimize human resources (HR).

5. Distribution Center Storage

This type of distribution warehouse is a warehouse that stores several products in only a short time. It can be said that this type of distribution warehouse is used only for temporary storage before the products are distributed to various suppliers.

The goods stored in this distribution warehouse usually arrive in the morning and are distributed at night. Due to the tight and limited working hours, the facilities that are owned are also adjusted to the needs.