April 20, 2024


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What You Need to Know About Windows in Static Caravans

With the Uk enduring what is shaping up to be one particular of our hottest summers however, many have been tempted to appear closer to property for their summer holiday seasons this calendar year. Turning to their static caravans for far more affordable, accessible, and prolonged-term holiday properties. As the great temperature carries on, there has been a surge caravans caravan sales – with charges rising from £15,000 to £100,000 for a new caravan, and £5000 to £50,000 for a preowned one.

It may be a significant expenditure, but getaway residences are best for an uncomplicated getaway all yr round. You may possibly even now possess one particular or be seeking to increase it. At Cloudy2Distinct, we want to help you retain your dwelling away from household in excellent issue for 12 months-spherical use. They could not be what 1st will come to brain, but locating and maintaining the ideal windows for your caravan is important in the prolonged-phrase use of your cell house. Here’s our guideline on all the things you need to have to know about static caravan home windows.


When it will come to the home windows in your static household, you are not minimal to just the regular uncomplicated sliding home windows and doorways. You can retain your mobile residence windows economical and purposeful while also retaining the freedom to make your home away from residence solely your individual. From Bay windows with sill house, to the extra homely casement window, there are a broad variety of designs and styles to accommodate your room.

If you’re changing your windows or deciding upon your caravan from scratch, look at how the layout of your home windows could possibly affect the total wellbeing of your caravan.


As with any property, be that cell or or else, it is important that the construction is well insulated specially for those people in the Uk, where by it’s generally chilly and moist. Unfortunately, several holiday houses are not produced with exceptional insulation for maintenance and convenience. A lack of insulation can have long-time period damaging impression on the basic maintenance of your caravan with the increased condensation from the absence of insulation, leading to mould and damp.

This deficiency of insulation can not only expense you income in repairs down the line, but also in heating and electrical energy costs as your device loses warmth speedier in colder climates. this sort of as further north or in the wintertime months. Insulating your cellular home assures the longevity of your household and can help you save you money. Here are some recommendations to guarantee your static caravan stays as cozy as your common property.

  • Insulate your walls. Most static caravans feature aluminium insulation as default, nevertheless you can update this cladding even further to maximise the insulating advantages.
  • Locate thermal curtains and blinds. Thermal curtains and blinds can assistance by restricting airflow amongst the warm and cold locations of a house. While double glazing minimizes the transfer of heat, thermal curtains can assist this heat retention even more by building a barrier that helps prevent warm air escaping from the main space through the window.
  • Additional heating upgrades. It might seem a bit substantially for a static caravan, but installing substitute heating answers such as underfloor heating can make all the variation in the winter season months.
  • Take into consideration upgrading to double glazed doors and windows. Double glazing insulates your household by producing an air hole amongst the glass panes, insulating towards warmth transfer in the wintertime and trying to keep your house cooler by trapping some of the rays in the summertime. This lessens expenditure on heating and air conditioning, and reduces condensation, holding home windows distinct and your residence mould and damp cost-free.

Guaranteeing your cellular home is nicely insulated will help save you dollars. Whether or not you are viewing in excess of the summer or renting out to holidaymakers – quality insulation is normally a fantastic investment.


Condensation can be a massive challenge in cellular residence home windows for a number of explanations. 1 of the main triggers is owing to bad ventilation. Static caravans are also scaled-down than our usual residences, so condensation tends to construct up more rapidly. It is most visible on windows, primarily one glazing, as there is no barrier concerning the glass and the cold air outdoors which prevents the glass from warming up on the other hand, it can also be identified on mirrors, cabinets, and cupboards.  Not dealing with this condensation can lead to mould and damp to construct up which can be destructive to the contents of your residence aswell as to your wellness!


Just after studying the higher than, you are probably wanting to know how to preserve your static caravan to keep away from these issues like condensation and draughts. Listed here are a couple of our experimented with and analyzed suggestions on how to continue to keep your static caravan’s windows in fantastic shape.

  • Use moist absorption merchandise. If you are probable to be in the caravan for a though, go away some damp absorption crystals or some dishes of salt in just about every room. This assists take up and lessen any extra moisture.
  • Air out the cellular household on a normal foundation. When you get there, in advance of you leave, even while you’re even now there (weather permitting), you can dry out your mobile home by opening all the doors and windows for as extensive as you can. This will make it possible for ventilation in your dwelling and distinct the humidity from the windows and surfaces.
  • Sustain a constant temperature. Alternatively of turning the heating up to max for shorter periods of time in the winter months when it gets particularly chilly, attempt retaining the interior temperature of your caravan at a continuous at ease temperature and put on a jumper or seize a blanket when you are feeling cooler. This retains surfaces at a regular temperature, as an alternative of owning a drastic variance in temp for the moisture in the air to neat down on – which can bring about condensation.
  • Consider safety measures whilst cooking. Guarantee your extractor lover is on when you are cooking. Continue to keep the lids on your saucepans to lessen the drinking water vapour that escapes into the rest of the caravan. Mobile residences are normally considerably smaller sized than your ordinary dwelling and it will not acquire extended for that moisture to find its way into each corner of the space.
  • Examine all your air vents. Maintain your air vents open up and clear, making absolutely sure to examine them consistently for any obstructions. Not only does this ensure no humidity is trapped in your mobile property but it can also be beneficial in an unexpected emergency by letting unsafe fumes escape should there be hearth or a identical circumstance.
  • Aim on the lavatory and kitchen. Though a sizzling shower or tub might be just what you need to have immediately after a extended day, no area builds humidity fairly like a bathroom. If you really don’t have an extractor admirer in your kitchen or toilet, guarantee you leave your home windows open though applying possibly of these rooms at minimum right up until the dampness clears and the space is dry. Wiping down the region with a dry cloth could also be beneficial and pace up the method.
  • Make certain your static property windows are in entire performing buy. Regularly checking your windows for damage can save you a fortune in the long operate. Searching around the seals for cracking or harm, guaranteeing there is no clouding or fogging, looking out for rot in the panes it is crucial to ensure your windows are in the very best affliction they can be. If there is problems, this could be letting draughts and undesired moisture to enter – producing warmth reduction and potential extended time period hurt.

Retain Your Static Caravan’s Double Glazing with Cloudy2Distinct

Unsuccessful double glazing in static homes can bring about condensation and draughts, main to even further problems down the line. At Cloudy2Obvious, our caravan window restore services present a variety of gains. With the attractiveness of possessing a vacation property on the increase, these products and services are extra in desire now than at any time.

Static caravans are great to own, although their lesser dimension indicates the possibility of condensation making up is elevated. Maintaining your static caravan’s double glazing (or having it installed) will strengthen insulation, reducing the chance of damages due to condensation – including moist and mould. The heat retaining attributes of double glazing will save you dollars on strength, though also rising the eco-friendliness of your holiday break property. You are going to come across you may possibly conserve money in the extensive operate by checking your static caravan’s home windows are double glazed and in whole operating buy!

Get in touch with us nowadays to come across out far more about how we can assistance with your double glazing and static caravan home windows. You can also phone our team now, on 0800 61 21 119.