Day: June 12, 2020

Best Insulation for Your Home

One of the essential keys to reducing your heating and cooling costs is having your home well-insulated. So what is the best insulation for your home?


Foam insulation keeps mold out of walls. Mold occurs in walls with batt insulation because of the “thermal loop effect.” This is where the heat penetrates the exterior wall, coming in contact with the cooler interior surface of the drywall, causing moisture to form. Humidity above 25% can provide an environment for mold to grow. Spray foam blocks this heat transfer and has no air gaps in which moisture can form.

Foam is probably the best insulation for blocking air infiltration combined with high R-value. Installed by a professional, the price of spray foam varies depending on the thickness of the walls and type of foam. You can do some online research about how to find experienced New Orleans spray foam contractors if … Read More