July 14, 2024


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2022 Scorpio Love Horoscope pt 5

Other Trends for Scorpio in 2022

With Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity, spending much of the year in your passion and leisure sector, many chances for fun and games, relaxation, romance, and amusement occur in 2022.

Many of you spent last year strengthening your strength and confidence and, in a sense, filling your wells. This year, you’re more psychically prepared and willing to share what you’ve learned. New methods to have pleasure, or maybe new interests, may have entered your life recently–or you may be noticing them more today. Enthusiasm and admiration may enter your life, or existing love relationships may be enriched by excellent humor and warmth, and social activities are likely to be plentiful. Singles are more likely to meet someone exceptional. However, it may not be someone who is “relationship material.” Jupiter is known for delivering possibilities, if today is your birthday but it is also known for bringing too much of one thing at a time. There may be more suitors than you can properly manage for some of you!

Nonetheless, this year will bring you obligations and probably stress. The issue does not appear to be in your personality or method of expression, as these are both in fantastic shape right now. Indeed, you are communicating yourself with such simplicity, flair, and elegance that it would be difficult to discuss difficulties conveying your message. This year, it’s more about external demands as well as prior issues–things that were left unresolved and now want your notice. 

For others, your focus on personal enjoyment and amusement may be eroding time you should devote to other, less enjoyable activities. Because Neptune, the dreamy and mysterious planet that oversees your romance and pleasure sector, is frequently challenged by Saturn, alerting you of your obligations, you may have difficulty fitting in your strong need for enjoyment and passion this year.

This year, from October 8 to November 18, Venus (the planetary ruler of your relationship sector) is retrograde, which impacts all of us, particularly in the fields of love and wealth. These issues are not clear during this time, and it is a good opportunity to reflect on our views rather than leaping into new romantic relationships or financial endeavors. Because Venus controls your relationship sector, retrograde Venus cycles have a greater influence on you in romance and affection. This period is a “double punch” because Venus is in your sign for most of the retrograde cycle. This is uncommon since whenever Venus is in your sign, you are more likely to receive extra attention from a partner who is either on the same page as you or, at the slightest, is looking out for your better interests.

However, from October 8 to November 8, Venus is retrograde, which usually means that your spouse or your love relationships, in general, will chill off. As a result, you and your spouse may both be going through a period of reflection or perplexity during this time. A spouse may appear to be on your side, yet he or she may be sending contradictory signals. The great news is that Venus will be in the sign of Scorpio for a long time in the latter half of the year, and you’ll likely appreciate the spotlight as well as the opportunity to become more at peace in your flesh.

Because Mars is a co-ruler of yours and is in a sign (Leo) that is in conflict with (square to) your sign, the Mars retrograde that is with us from the beginning of 2010 through March 10th is likely to be rather severe for you as well. Work-related issues are likely to arise during this cycle, and your love life may take a back place to your personal and professional worries. You might be sending mixed messages.

There are four Mercury retrograde phases this year, one of which has a more direct influence on your love life: Mercury retrogrades are in your relationship sector from April 18 to May 11, which might slow down relationship concerns (or formal talks, if necessary), giving you more time to hash them out and approach them from a fresh angle. However, some people may find it distressing while it is taking place. Offering others distance and trying not to put too much importance on the words we use to communicate ourselves to one another may benefit during a Mercury retrograde cycle.

Pluto, your governing planet, has had a busy year, aligning with an eclipse in June and creating a tight T-square with Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter in 2022. Many of you are likely to be obsessed with inner drama and having someone to talk to will provide you with the space and understanding you need to deal with these changes. 

Saturn in your twelfth house for most of the year indicates that you are more disciplined in your religious practice. Some of you may be less forgiving of your partner’s (or potential partner’s) indiscretions.

From January 1 to 8, Eros, the god of sensual love, harmonizes with your sign from your love area, and from September 15 to October 29, he is in your sign. During this cycle, your attraction abilities are at their peak, but more in terms of you going for what you desire rather than waiting for things to come to you. Sexual activity may be more regular than expected. You have a passionate approach in total. When Eros is in Taurus, from February 18 to March 25, it is a more romantic period for a mate.

From September 15 to October 29, both Venus and Mars are in the sign of Scorpio, which coincides with Eros’ transit through your sign! While Venus is retrograde for a portion of this period, it’s a fiery combo for love, sex, and passion in general! Also, your love life is likely to amaze and surprise you in the weeks leading up to September 18, when Jupiter and Uranus connect in your romance sector.