4 Helpful Fall Yard Care Tips

Did you know that over 30 percent of Americans rate autumn as their favorite season? With the leaves changing color and the temperature dipping, many people view autumn as a time of change and the start of the holiday season.

When fall approaches, you also need to prepare your yard for the colder winter months. Are you wondering how you should change your yard care routine in the fall? Here are some landscaping tips that will help you keep your property looking beautiful all year round.

1. Rake Leaves Consistently

As leaves begin to fall, you need to stay on top of them before they turn into mulch. Make sure that you rake your leaves often, depending on how many trees you have and how the leaves fall.

If you do not want to hand rake, you can always turn to a commercial blower. This will cut down on your leaf raking time and help you gather your leaves more efficiently.

2. Mow Before the Snow

If you live somewhere that snows earlier in the year, then you need to start preparing your lawn care right when fall begins. Try to mow your lawn right before you estimate the snow will start to fall.

It may not seem like a big deal, but mowing is important to keep your grass healthy under the snow. You can develop snow mold that will ruin your lawn when the ice melts.

3. Watch Out for Pests

One reason to maintain lawn maintenance is that too many fallen leaves can turn into mulch. In turn, mulch is a great habitat for pests that can be dangerous.

Mulch attracts bugs such as termites, which can cost you a lot of money if they get to your home. Other critters to watch out for include carpenter ants, cockroaches, and snakes that could have a deadly bite.

4. Avoid Weed Growth

Even if your lawn goes dormant in the fall, there are still all types of weeds that will grow during the colder season. Many spring weeds, like dandelions, will also stay dormant and surprise you during your spring yard maintenance.

Try to kill off any weeds as part of your lawn care routine. You should also pre-treat your grass with a herbicide so they do not emerge when the snow melts. That way, you can resume your yard care without dealing with a lot of weeds.

Take Control of Your Fall Yard Care

When the leaves start to turn, you do not have to feel overwhelmed by your yard maintenance. With these yard care tips and tricks, you can stay on top of your property and enjoy the fall season as the weather gets cooler.

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