September 24, 2023


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5 Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

Ah, the bathroom. The place for cleaning yourself, deep reflection, spa-like relaxation, and many fantastic concerts. However, if your bathroom has been lacking in comfort or pizzazz of late, it might be time to invest in a bathroom remodel.

Unsure about how you want to redo your space for maximum beauty and relaxation? Never fear! Our guide has five gorgeous ideas to take your bathroom remodeling project to the next level.

1. Warm Your Toes With Heated Flooring

If you want to bring your bathroom remodel to the next level of comfort, consider investing some extra money in heated flooring. Heated floors can make all the difference in the world during the winter months, especially if you live somewhere that gets very cold. They don’t cost that much, and they can make your bathroom more energy efficient since your central heat won’t need to work as hard to control its climate.

2. Prioritize Your Bathroom’s Ventilation

Another bathroom remodeling priority for you should be maximizing your bathroom’s ventilation. Many bathrooms struggle with mold, mildew, and rust. This is due to their poor ventilation.

Some ways that you can improve your bathroom’s ventilation include replacing or installing a vent fan and adding a window to the shower or elsewhere in the bathroom. If you choose the latter, make sure to place it carefully and use frosted glass to preserve your privacy.

3. Look for Mold and Mildew-Resistant Tiles

When was your bathroom built or last updated? If you’re not sure of the answer, chances are, they didn’t have the advantage of modern materials. A modern-day bathroom remodeler has access to mold and mildew-resistant tiles and flooring. This makes cleaning and maintaining your bathroom much easier.

It can also step in front of a potentially nasty health risk for you and your family.

4. Low on Space? Consider Hiding Your Toilet Tank

If your bathroom is rather small, you might consider investing in a hidden-tank toilet. This can increase your floor space and make your bathroom easier to navigate. However, making this update will require more work than the average renovation.

As such, you’ll more than likely need to contact a bathroom remodeling contractor offering these services. You should also keep in mind that this can make routine toilet maintenance a bit trickier than it would be otherwise.

5. Lighting Sets the Perfect Mood

If you want to set the perfect mood in your remodeled bathroom, adjusting your lighting fixtures is a great step. If you have adjustable or dimmable lighting, you can change your bathroom into a dim, intimate spa or a brightly lit, sparkling shower to start your day. Don’t hesitate to ask your bathroom builder what lighting options they offer.

Looking for More Bathroom Remodel Ideas?

Adding heated floors, updating your tiles and lighting, and hiding your toilet tank are but a few of the changes that can bring your next bathroom remodeling project into the future. If you’re looking for more bathroom remodel inspiration and ideas, check out our blog. We update each day with more helpful and informative articles like this one!