May 19, 2024


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5 Signs You Need to Clean Your Gutter

Did you know the average cost to repair water damage in a home is around $2,582? While this may include flood damage and storms, even small amounts of water can cause untold problems. But do you know that avoiding it can be as simple as maintaining a gutter?

You can make the task even easier by getting hired help. Read on as we discuss the signs that you need to clean your gutter. 

Water Is Pooling Around the House

The purpose of a gutter is to channel water away from the house. This should be either to a drainage system, or a place where it can be easily absorbed. If water is pooling around the house after light or heavy rains, then the gutter is not doing its job. 

In time, this could escalate into more expensive problems. It can begin the process of rot and mold, but more worryingly, damage the foundations of the property. Call a gutter company to take a look if you find this occurring at your home. 

They House Pests

When gutters clog, they have everything pests could need. They become warm, comfortable places full of leaves, twigs, and debris. In addition, they often get moist and humid in the wet months. 

It will start with mosquitoes and other insects. In turn, they will attract rodents and larger animals then before long you could have an infestation. Call an expert in gutter cleaning to remove these conditions before you need expensive pest removal. 

Plant Growth

With decaying plant matter and a supply of water, it is inevitable that after a while, plants will grow in your gutters. To reach this point, your last gutter cleaning must have been a long time ago. It takes a long time for them to reach the point where they can sustain growth, so it is time for a cleanout. 

Stains and Mildew

When blocked gutters overflow, the water has to run somewhere. If it starts to run to the inside of your home, it can cause serious damage. When it gets into the areas between the walls or the attic, you may not even notice it until the damage is done. 

Signs are a smell of damp and mildew in the home. Splashes and stains may also exist on the walls of the property, both inside and out. 

Roof Leakage

Stains and mildew are hidden signs, but one of the more obvious is that your roof simply leaks. Water backs up, has nowhere to go, and seeps into the home. This can then rot wooden beams in the roof itself. 

Repairing a roof can be a costly, expensive process that you should try to avoid. Getting a gutter installation service to clear it out regularly will save you on costly repairs and replacements. 

Clean Your Gutter Regularly

Once you clean your gutter, you need to do it regularly. Ideally at the end of fall and winter, though you should do it every season, if possible. This way, you safeguard your home against runoff water in unwanted places. 

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