6 Tips for Combining Paint Colors to Make Your Home More Comfortable

How to Mix Colors and Make It Work

Determining the color of house paint does require a lot of careful consideration. The reason is, each color and its combination will produce a different feel in each room.

If you mix the colors wrong, the family room can seem dim or the bedroom becomes very striking and dazzling. With the variety of color choices available, it makes us even more doubtful, even confused about choosing the right color. 

1. Choose a color from the color disc

The color disc contains three basic colors, namely red, yellow and blue. We can also find matching colors to combine from the three basic colors. For example by selecting colors that are next to each other on the color disc. 

You can also choose colors that are exactly opposite on the color disc. This can be done if you prefer colors that are contrasting, but still harmonious and not tacky. 

Alternatively, the selected colors can also form a 90 degree angle in the color disc. These colors will complement each other and combine harmoniously. 

2. Understand the recommended paint color combinations

Here are some recommendations for house paint color combinations that you can apply. Before buying paint with various colors, try to determine in advance the concept of the room and the nuances you want to build.

Here are some color combinations that can be a reference, including:

  • Yellow and orange give a bright feel and seem more fun.
  • Peach and black seem feminine, but firm.
  • Red and gray balance each other for a minimalist feel.
  • The combination of pastel colors and white makes the room feel warm.
  • Black and white to create a modern and minimalist impression.
  • Aqua blue and grape purple create a cheerful and vibrant impression
  • Navy blue and white can enhance the impression of minimalism and elegance.
  • Brown and green to create a fresh natural feel. 

3. Combine colors with horizontal techniques

After determining the colors that will be applied to a room. Next, Mama can use a horizontal technique to apply the color paint to the wall. 

For example, combining dark colors on the top and bright colors on the bottom, or maybe vice versa according to taste. Combining colors with horizontal techniques will make the room feel comfortable and warm. 

4. Blending colors with a vertical technique 

In addition to horizontal, there are also vertical techniques. Combining colors with this technique is suitable to be applied in various rooms. You can entrust this work to House Painters Sydney

Unlike the horizontal technique, which makes the nuances seem warm, on the contrary, the vertical technique will give a firm, elegant and elegant feel.

5. One wall one color

You can also use the one color one wall technique. In this way the room will seem more cheerful and not boring. 

Techniques like this should be applied in the living room, family room and kitchen. Also determine the right color combination according to your taste buds and family. 

6. Color grading technique

Next, you can consider a gradation technique, so that it gives a lively and fun feel. This technique can be applied in the family room 

How to apply this technique is very simple. First, choose a base color that you want, then look for its derivative color in the color disc. 

For example, the color navy blue as the base color, then the derivative is sky blue, light blue or light turquoise.