December 6, 2023


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8 Space-Saving Hacks for Decorating a Small Guest Bedroom

If you want to be a perfect host, then preparing a suitable guest room is needed. 

Lack of space is one of the most common issues for a guest bedroom. It’s common for extra rooms like a guestroom to become a storage unit for old furniture and items. Although your guest bedroom may appear small and crowded, you can transform it into a room with lots of space. 

So, here are a few hacks that can save you some space in a small guest bedroom:

1. Go For Minimalistic Decor

When it comes to your small guest bedroom decor, go for something minimalistic. Save your space with small lights, decoration, and furniture to keep your space simple and uncluttered. Minimalistic decoration also helps accentuate the architectural features of the room. 

Empty space is an essential factor in minimalistic decor since space defines the look of the room. You can use decorations with bright colors as accents and use them as focal points, like artworks or fancy lights. Avoid putting too much design since it can collect allergens and make guests feel too stressed. 

Go for simplicity and symmetry for the guest room. It gives the room more space and air, giving out a warmer mood. So, grab some minimal decor, small potted plants, a few artworks, and embrace the extra white space. 

2. Get Rid of All the Clutter

Before you implement your small guest bedroom ideas, you should clean out the room first. Free up the floor space by removing all the unnecessary furniture, clear the tabletops plus drawers, and get rid of old decor.

Instead of using the guest room as storage, you should invest in boxes, baskets, bins, cubbies, or shoe shelves. You can also use hooks for your bags, dog leashes, coats, and so on. 

It’s best to start investing in the best products, so you don’t have to constantly replace them and store too many products in your home. Don’t make your guests feel claustrophobic with the pile of items you have in the guest bedroom.

3. Have a Simple Layout 

There’s not much you can do for a small room, but doing too much in the room can feel overwhelming. Go for a simple format and keep it classic. Position the bed in the center of your main wall and resist the urge to push it against the adjacent wall.

When you place the bed in the middle, you’re giving your guests space to walk around. Walking on either side of the bed allows for more room flow and gives you space to make the bed. It also gives you enough space to put two nightstands or dressers for extra storage. 

A room can easily go from cramped to cozy with the right small guest bedroom layout. The layout should focus on only a few pieces with your special touch. Talk with professionals to get an overall picture of how you should place all the furniture, decorations, and storage. 

4. Take Advantage of Wall Space

In small spaces, the walls are your best friend. Since small rooms can look cramped, why not make use of the walls and install desks or shelves. Using the vertical space of the guest room is a great way to create functional storage. 

You can add racks, use pegboards, or place hooks to save some space on your floor. Don’t forget that you have some extra space behind your door to place your keys, coats, and other necessities.

Installing storage on your walls can help you reduce clutter and make the room look more visually appealing. Aside from using your wall space as storage space, you can also use it to create a command center. This is where you can add chalkboards, magnetic boards, calendars, keyholders, and cubbies. 

5. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

The key to saving space in the small guest bedroom is installing more storage through items with more than one purpose. For example, a bed can transform into a workspace or space for entertainment. Multi-functional furniture, like murphy beds, you can transform into extra storage and free up space in the small guest bedroom. 

Multi-functional furniture is a great way to increase efficiency in using space. It also helps decrease the cost needed to furnish a home.

You should invest in furniture that works for both children and adults. Get furniture that can turn or hide items that interest various guests. Go for modern furniture that has customizable lights and enhanced air circulation. 

6. Create An Illusion of Space

If you’ve tried it all but still struggle with too little space, then why not create the illusion of space. Start by going for a monochromatic color scheme for the bedroom. Showering a room with too many colors may make a room look smaller and overcrowded. 

Consider using mirrors to make the guest bedroom feel airy and spacious. This is because the mirror reflects existing space in a room, adding more depth. You can also create the illusion of a high ceiling by painting your wall and ceiling with the same color. 

Furniture is also another factor to consider. You should go for pieces with raised legs or made up of clear materials rather than solid or skirted furniture. 

7. Bring In Plenty of Light

Allowing natural light into a room can make a room look much bigger. Avoid using dark and heavy curtains for your windows since it will make the room look more crowded. It’s important to let plenty of sunlight in, which includes moving furniture away from the windows. 

When using drapes or curtains, you should fit them as close to the ceiling as possible. This will create the illusion that the room has a larger window, increasing the room’s perceived size. 

8. Use Every Nook and Cranny 

If you’re still struggling for space, consider using the edges of your walls to place shelves and racks. Use those awkward, empty corners by installing corner shelves to show off your decorative odds. Go for shallow shelving if room depth is a concern. 

Give Your Small Guest Bedroom Enough Space

With these hacks, you can make a small guest bedroom feel airy, intimate, and cozy. You can maximize the bedroom with proper decor, design, and layout. 

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