8 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Drain

20 things you should never flush down your toilet

How responsible have you been with the drains in the house? Or should I ask how successful have you been to resist the temptation of flushing nothing else but tissues in the toilet?  

Keep clogged pipes and damning repairs at bay by learning the things that should never be flushed down the drain. Let’s also do this early enough, in case you have flushed wipes, cotton buds, and others already, call a plumber in Charlotte to help you out to avoid looming danger in the drains.

Things you should never pour in the kitchen sink

  1. Cooking Oils, Grease, And Fat

When you pour oils and grease in the kitchen sink, it cools, condenses, and congeals in the drain pipe. The oils combine with food particles to form a hard oily, smelly substance that constricts the pipe. Soon, the pipes may not drain water properly.

2. Food Scraps

What do you do with the tiny spaghetti and rice particles that remain on the plates? Scrap off all food particles in the dust bin before cleaning. Food scraps clog the drain pipes and block the system. Use a food strainer at the drain hole to trap the coffee ground, seeds, eggshells, and other food remains.

3. Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

The toilet drain should only have tissue waste going through it. Wet wipes, cotton buds, condoms, and the rest belong to the litter bin. Many of us are culprits of disposing of the following in the toilet:

4. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes do not break down as tissue paper. They pile up with the help of the congealing oils and form a hard substance that block the system.

Plumbers advise users to ignore any claim that some wet wipes are disposable. Better be safe than sorry.

5. Diapers

If wet wipes are a no-no in the toilet drain, then diapers are never-never. First, diapers are too large to go down the pipe, and flushing one is already too big a problem. Secondly, as the diaper makes contact with water, it soaks swells and becomes too large to go through the drain pipe.

Diapers can cause a nasty blockage in the entire sewer line. Always dispose diapers in the bin. That’s where they belong.

6. Cotton Buds/Balls

They may look too tiny to be harmful in the drain. However, cotton buds, cotton balls do not break down like tissues. They cumulatively clump in the drains causing drainage problems.

7. Feminine Menstrual Hygiene Products

Tampons, panty liners, and pads do not break down like tissues. Additionally, they have oils that congeal to form hard substances around the pipes. Once they are wet, these products absorb water and swell, causing blockage. You do not want to call a plumber on such an unpleasant task, do you?

All menstrual products should be disposed of in the bin.

8. Dental Floss, Hair, And Flint

Flushing anything that tangles can cause trouble because they wind around other things, resulting in blockage. Dental floss is made from nylon. Instead, opt for bio-degradable dental floss and throw the hair strands from your comb in the bin.

Minimize drain line blockages but disposing of all waste appropriately. You’ll call the plumber less often and enjoy a clean home.