April 20, 2024


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9 Tricks for a Cozy Interior Design


When it comes to interior design, there’s no shortage of styles that homeowners can choose from. But one design idea in particular remains a popular choice? 

Creating a cozy room is not only a great way to create an eye-catching room, but also perfect for creating a space that you’ll enjoy using and relaxing in.

If you’re ready to create your own cozy interior, keep reading for a few tips.

1. Bring the Outdoors In

Tall potted plants, cascading ferns, and succulents are a great addition to your space. Adding plants to your home will not only help make it cozy but also offers other benefits, like cleaner air and reducing stress levels.

2. Group Seating Areas

When you need to furnish a large space, it can be tempting to create a seating area that fills the space and accommodates a bigger group.

But if you want the space to feel intimate and cozy, break it into multiple seating areas instead. This ideal for pairing off with a partner or friend for a nice conversation, or for relaxing on your own with a great book.

3. Toss a Few Throws

Throw blankets and pillows are perfect for snuggling up. They can also soften your space and add some additional warmth through your choice of colors and patterns.

4. Add Rugs

Wood, laminate, tile, and other hard flooring materials mean cold feet in the mornings, which hardly lends itself to a ‘cozy’ appeal.

Mix and match modern rugs of different colors, patterns and weaves to add some brightness and texture to your space, and keep your feet warm on chilly mornings.

5. Put Your Books on Display

For many people, the word “cozy” brings to mind curling up with a good book. If that includes you, be sure to put your books on display in your space.

A bookshelf filled with books, and especially with older books or those with beautiful covers and spines, can help keep the space polished.

6. Display Your Photos

Even a well-designed space will feel cold without a few personal touches. Adding family photos is a great way to achieve this.

7. Opt for Warmer Tones

Warmer paint colors are more inviting and comforting than cooler ones. Shades of red, orange and yellow are ideal for making your space an inviting spot to hang out.

8. Add an Accent

Too many dark-colored walls can make a space feel cramped. But one strategically chosen accent wall in a warm, deep tone is a great way to make your space feel cozy, comfortable, and modern without being overwhelming.

9. Finish with Artwork

Once you’ve crafted your cozy space, finish the look and make the entire room come together with some bold artwork. Opt for pieces that are eye-catching, yet pleasant to look at and enjoy.

Creating a Cozy Interior

Put these tips to work to create your very own unique, cozy interior!

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