A Fun, Informative Guide for Your Laundry Room Makeover

If someone asked you what the most important room in your home is, how would you respond? Most people would probably say their kitchen or their living room. Some would say their bedroom.

Few, if any, would respond with their laundry room. 

But when you take a moment to think about all that your laundry room does, you realize that it deserves more appreciation. The best way to show your appreciation is by giving it a laundry room makeover.

But how can you go about doing that?

Keep reading to learn all about what goes into a small laundry room makeover. 

Make It Practical

If you view your laundry room as nothing more than a space that houses your washer and dryer, you need a mentality shift. Your laundry room is the difference between clothes that end up neatly folded in drawers and heaps of clothing around the house.

Make sure that you have the space necessary to do the essentials: wash, dry, store, shelve, and fold. Regardless of how small the room is, you should have the space to perform all of those tasks. 

Factor in Noise

Just because your laundry room is an essential cog in the well-oiled machine that’s your house doesn’t mean that you want to listen to it. Remember that washers and dryers are often loud.

If it’s in your budget, getting a thick door should help contain some of the noise. If that’s too expensive, look into getting non-slip rugs or even pictures on the wall to absorb some of the noise. 

Consider the Flooring

The flooring for your laundry room is also something you’ll have to consider. You want to make sure that the option you choose can withstand water, chemicals, and other forms of assailants.   

Most homeowners choose tile, laminate, or even vinyl. All of these options can be inexpensive yet attractive. They’re also waterproof and able to withstand some amount of damage. 

Pay Attention to Aesthetics 

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to pay attention to the design and aesthetics of your laundry room. Most people don’t enjoy doing laundry, so you might as well make the space that you do it in as appealing as possible.

Consider the color scheme that you use in the room, as well as the decor that you choose to use. Whether it means hanging up a motivational quote or pictures of your family, you want to feel as at peace and zen as possible. 

Give Your House the Laundry Room Makeover of Your Dreams 

While some people might prefer to remodel their bathrooms or kitchen, the laundry room is the unsung hero of many homes. Make sure you give it the attention it deserves.

The right laundry room makeover will ensure that it’s both practical and beautiful. Use the tips mentioned in this guide to help you get started. 

Do you now have a better idea of how to give your house a DIY laundry room makeover? If you do, make sure to check out our other posts. You’ll find tons of other home makeover guides and tips.