April 20, 2024


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A Guide How to Connect Mild Steel By Yourself for Beginners



Now, light steel material is increasingly being used as a building frame material. The most frequent use, of course, is the roof frame and canopy. Why is this building material used more and more often? This is none other than because the price of mild steel is cheaper than wood but its strength is equal. It’s even easier for you to find mild steel that has good quality. In addition, mild steel is also easier to maintain and is not prone to damage by pests. Therefore, there are many people who are now starting to switch to using lightweight steel roof trusses.


Mild steel is generally produced by factories so that it already has standardized sizes and shapes. In the installation, these lightweight steel components need to be assembled in such a way that they are connected to each other to form a solid structure. This mild steel material has the shape of an elongated rod. So you need to assemble it in using this mild steel. It’s not difficult to be able to connect these mild steel materials. Usually all mild steel has the same mechanism of assembly. The steps are exactly the same.

A tool that can be used as a connector between light steel beams is a drilling screw, which is a screw whose tip is shaped like a drill bit. The size of these screws varies according to the manufacturer’s standards and their use. The drilling screw can only be used for one time. This means that if the screw is installed incorrectly, the end of the screw thread will be damaged/worn so that it can no longer be used. In addition, the former installation of these screws will also produce a fairly large hole. Therefore, the process of installing this drilling screw cannot be wrong.


In theory, you need a minimum of 2 drilling screws to fasten the joints of mild steel construction. But in reality, you have to use 3 pieces of screw drilling to produce a strong bond. Thus, the construction created will have high strength. If at any time one of the screws is damaged, the building load can still be well supported by the other two screws. The determination of the installation position of the three drilling screws is influenced by the construction design according to the load capacity that the screw can support.


In general, the part that is the foundation of light steel construction is the truss which is connected to the ring beam using a dynabolt. The ring beam itself is a building structure in the form of concrete which is located above the wall. Usually the ring beam height is more about 20 cm with the length adjusting the length of the wall. The way of connecting the horses is done by inserting the dynabolt into the drilled concrete with a size according to the dynabolt used. Then the bolts can be tightened so that the dynabolt rod will be pulled, and the wings will grip the concrete firmly.

Below is a brief guide on the steps of joining mild steel that you can try yourself at home. Please you can do it well yes!


  1. Drill the ring beam which is located above the wall, where this mild steel will be connected. Adjust the borehole size to the dynabolt you are using.
  2. Install the dynabolt into the drilled hole you made in the joist ring. Make sure the top position of the dynabolt installation is correct and according to the plan.
  3. Place the mild steel to be joined with the beam ring in the right position. Hold the position of the mild steel and make sure the position remains stable.
  4. Place the rock on the dynabolt rod. Tighten the mounting position of the bolt so that the dynabolt rod will automatically be pulled, and the wing will grip.
  5. Continue this work process by installing another mild steel. The use of a dynabolt can guarantee the strength of its grip which is so tightly held against mild steel.
  6. If it is not possible to build a ring of beams above the wall, then you can use brackets that are connected to the easel as a substitute. Then the bracket can be clamped to the masonry. The trick starts with making a hole in the wall towards the top with a depth according to the size of the bracket you are using. After all the brackets have been installed, you can re-plaster the surface of the masonry to make it strong. So the process of splicing this light steel material has also been successfully implemented.