Available Upon Request: Numerous Options for Every Piece from Bellavista Collection

Available Upon Request: Numerous Options for Every Piece from Bellavista Collection

At times of triumphant mass production, it is so great to have something tailor-made, be it an outfit or a dining table. People love to own something unique, something that no one else has. 

Bellavista Collection, a well-known producer of Italian luxury furniture, knows it pretty well and strives to satisfy the demand for exclusivity. With this brand, you’re extremely unlikely to see the same piece of furniture anywhere else.

The reason is quite simple: almost every items come in a number of options that differ in size, or material, or both. 

Woods and Finishes

Quality is the top priority for Bellavista, so it goes without saying that this brand has never used particleboard or other materials of this kind. Whatever the piece, you can be sure that all its wooden details are made of natural solid wood. In addition, to provide more diversity, their surfaces are veneered with a range of attractive-looking species. 

If you look through product descriptions on the company’s website, you’ll notice that certain woods are used more often than others. Among these favorites are such fine woods as rosewood, ebony, and grey sukupira, not to mention different kinds of oak and walnut.  

Although oak and American walnut look gorgeous in themselves, stained oak and walnut are used to enlarge the assortment even more. The selection of the veneering species is well-thought-out, so that they vary in color greatly – from light beige to almost black. The new wood finish introduced in 2020, named Bellavista Nuances, serves the same purpose. The number of available colors and shades of this finish will pleasantly surprise you.

Thanks to such a variety, furniture pieces from Bellavista Collection can exactly meet customers’ wishes and blend into existing interiors extremely well.

The same is true when it comes to finishes for metal details. The brand offers a variety of them: antique bronze finish, hammered bronze, silver leaf, gold leaf, black patina, Nero Bellavista to name a few.

Fabric or Leather?

For almost all upholstered items there are at least two variants of upholstery available: leather or fabric. ‘At least’ – because each of these options as a rule comes in a range of colors and patterns (for fabric). By the way, it’s a good idea to learn about colors of the upholstery before ordering: the list is regularly changed and new options added. So, get in touch with the company to get the latest info. Whatever color you prefer, you surely will have a number of variants to choose from.

Optional features

In addition, there are details that you can order if you wish – like a marble top for a table, LED lights for a cabinet or a wardrobe, some decorative elements, etc.  Look through product descriptions, and you’ll notice that almost any of them has a section named ‘optional’, with extras available upon request.  

For example, there are three variants of the top for ALCOBAS coffee table: two kinds of marble and bronzed glass. If you choose the last one, it would be logical to select an optional lower shelf as well: it’s decorated with beautiful cast brass twigs, which will be visible through the glass of the top.

LOVELY wardrobe (the name suits this item indeed: it’s really lovely) from the 2020/2021 collection offers optional motion activated LED lights and a bottom insert made of belting leather for the shelf.

For Those Who Want Something Special

Bellavista Collection is always ready to walk an extra mile and offer a bit extra to those customers who feel like having something special. For example, pieces from the brand could be made of or decorated with materials that aren’t on the list. Metal details covered with a particular finish, a specific fabric for upholstery, an unusual combination of materials for decoration – all this you may request at Bellavista, and get exactly what you want. For instance, one of the recent orders in Bellavista was a large round dining table with a Lazy Susan inlaid in horn and bone.

Interiors from A to Z

Attilio Zanni is well-known as a brilliant all-round designer and a co-founder of the Bellavista Collection brand. But that isn’t all. He also is the head of the department in Bellavista that creates turnkey interior designs. Although projects from the department – all these luxurious villas, comfy cottages, and cozy apartments, furnished from A to Z with Bellavista Collection’s pieces – exist in the form of 3d images, they could be translated into reality at any time. And from time to time they are.

The range of the brand’s products allows creating complete interiors, without taking a single piece from any other manufacturer. A rich variety of furniture, all kinds of lighting fixtures, boiserie, not to mention decorative articles to give the room a unique look – all this you can find on the brand’s website. It means that if you feel like furnishing your home in Bellavista style, you can do it anytime – either yourself or with the help of Bellavista’s employees. Qualified experts from the company will help you combine pieces to form ensembles tailored to your tastes and preferences.

In fact, Attilio Zanni and his department have already created a number of turnkey projects in different countries, so interiors in Bellavista style could be found all over the world, and their number is growing year by year.