April 14, 2024


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Bedfordshire: The New Rural Escape?

Comfortable farm cottage in rural countryside - Houses for Rent in Bedford,  England, United Kingdom

Bedfordshire is a small county in the UK made up of a number of towns including Bedford, Dunstable, Luton and Biggleswade.  Bedford is the county town, featuring a population of around 170,000 people.  Bedfordshire was first mentioned in the year 571 when Cuthwulf defeated the Britons at Bedford.  Invaders were naturally drawn to Bedfordshire thanks to its rivers and fertile land for agriculture.  There is in fact evidence of Anglian occupation found at a cemetery in Kempston, where graves dating back to the 5th century were uncovered.

Thanks to the excellent agricultural conditions in the land in Bedfordshire, it has always been popular with farming and manufacturing, evidence of which is still around today.  There are a great number of farms in the area, providing resources for food production throughout the country.

Living in Bedfordshire is easy these days, with all the facilities and amenities you could wish for just on the doorstep.  Lying only a short distance outside of London, it is a popular area for city commuters to live.  Bedfordshire has a lot of family attractions, offering exciting days out such as zoos, animal parks and even theme parks.  Museums and historical artefacts are also to be found, with Bedfordshire having such a long history in the country!  If you live in Bedfordshire, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to public transport; there are fast trains to London and other major towns, as well as a good bus service throughout the county.

There are many great reasons for moving to Bedfordshire.  One of them is the great cuisine available to enjoy here – Bedford in particular is home to a diverse range of cultures, so the options when it comes to restaurants and eating out are amazing!  Italian food is especially popular in the town, with a large percentage of Italian heritage families still living in the area.  Another great reason to move here is that there are lots of new homes popping up all over the place.  Dandara homes offer an extensive range of new build houses for sale in Biddenham, which is a neighbouring town to Bedford.  The developments here are perfect for first time home buyers, as well as those looking to upgrade their current home for something a little larger or more luxurious.  There are lots of incentives to buy too, including the ever popular “help to buy” scheme which is directed towards the first time market.

What things can you expect to do when you live in Bedfordshire?  Well first off, there are the regular market days in the town centre which are always popular with bargain hunters!  There are plenty of other high street shops to tickle your fancy too, so you can be sure you will always find what you need from the retail areas in town.  Eating and drinking will surely be a good pastime for those who live here too, with a wealth of lovely restaurants and cafes throughout Bedford and the surrounding villages.  A good old fashioned English pub would be a great place to spend a Sunday, enjoying the famous Sunday Roast!  If it is excitement and adventure, you are looking for, why not take a trip to one of the many parks and gardens?  Offering good entertainment for children as well as adults, the parks in the county are popular with walkers, cyclists, and joggers.