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Cleaning leather car seats

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Vehicle cleaning and application of protective treatments

Our integral car cleaning center in Madrid is located in Alcalá de Henares , less than half an hour from Madrid. Although it is drivers from the entire Community of Madrid who trust our specialists to clean the interior of the vehicle .

For a really cheap price, we clean and restore all the elements that make up the interior of the vehicles in record time. Which will depend on the cleaning work you want to do on your vehicle.

From our vehicle cleaning center we take care of doing all the cleaning and care necessary so that the interior of your vehicle looks like new. And this includes both the elements of the vehicle themselves and the cleaning of those accessories that equip it, such as the floor mats, an essential of any vehicle.

These are the main car interior cleaning services that you can enjoy at Leather Refurbishing Cleaner:

  • Basic cleaning service
  • Deep sucked
  • Conditioning and restoration of plastics and interior rubbers
  • Cleaning and deodorizing seats
  • Roof cleaning and deodorization
  • Floor cleaning and deodorization
  • Trunk cleaning and deodorization
  • Carpet cleaning and deodorization
  • Cleaning the leather car seats and rear feeding

In total, we are dedicated to cleaning car upholstery in Madrid , with each and every one of the associated tasks that this complex process has. Well, about 25 years doing this work, training and developing new treatments to improve the results of our work every day. But it is not necessary for us to tell you anything, when you contract with us the comprehensive cleaning of your vehicle , you will understand why we have positioned ourselves as the reference car wash in the Corredor del Henares.

How to clean the leather upholstery of a vehicle

What interior cleaning do you want to do on your vehicle with leather seats?

If you want to clean your car without paying a very low price, the basic interior cleaning service is perfect for you. For much less than you might think, this service includes basic interior vacuuming , hand drying of frames, and window cleaning. All this while protecting the leather from possible splashes of cleaning products.

For those people who have a dog as a pet and carry it with them regularly in the vehicle, we have a deep vacuum service for leather seats . It is a special vacuuming process, which will make the hairs of your faithful canine friend disappear completely from the leather seats. And in this way you will not need to put those unsightly covers that drivers who have a dog as a pet usually put on their vehicle.

Another option that you have within your reach if you want to clean the leather car seats with us is the cleaning and deodorizing of the vehicle seats . Daily use causes the seats to give off a very unpleasant odor that should be removed as soon as it is detected. This is a service highly demanded by smokers and drivers who park their vehicle in places with high levels of humidity. Apart from this, this deodorization process is not exclusive to cleaning seats , we also carry out deodorization processes on ceilings, floors and trunks.

Cleaning car seats of different fabrics

Our experts are responsible for cleaning car upholstery of different fabrics. Regardless of the material of the car seat upholstery , they will be able to remove any stains and give you that advertisement look you had when it left the dealership.

We clean canvas , vinyl or Alcantara seats . While cleaning leather car seats or is our specialty. We take care of vacuuming, disinfecting, deodorizing and removing dirt from leather car seats, guaranteeing the protection of the fabric. If your car has leather seats, do not hesitate to trust the professional for cleaning, many high-end car owners have already left their luxury vehicle in our hands. Always showing your satisfaction with the result.

Cleaning stains from a car upholstery

Coffee remains, bread crumbs, smoke stains, signs of humidity or simply that dirt caused by wear and tear…. We remove stains of all kinds from leather seats with an efficient and environmentally friendly method.

We manage to remove the most ingrained dirt on seats, roofs, doors, trunk and floor, which is the part of the vehicle that gets dirty the fastest. And it is not surprising, among many other things, for the mud piled up on the shoes of each person who rides in the vehicle.

Whatever the magnitude of the stain that affects the upholstery of your vehicle, in our car cleaning center we will provide you with a solution. There is no upholstery that can resist us.

Interior cleaning of a car and exterior washing

We clean your vehicle in the most efficient way and in record time. But if the integral car wash in Madrid is what you need, you can also count on us. We carry out hand washing of cars with hand drying, returning the vehicle body to the appearance it had when you saw it for the first time and guaranteeing the care of the materials.