December 1, 2023


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Did a pipe break? Time to call a plumber!

3 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

We can talk about many things that happened in 2020, but if one thing is certain, it is that it was one of the years that we spent the most time at home. And of course, as a result of our long stay, signs of wear and tear began to appear in certain parts of the house.

You may have noticed a slightly loose damper or a sink faucet that doesn’t close all the way, maybe even a leaky shower head. And while some plumbing problems you can solve yourself (how to fix a toilet frog), others may require a professional to handle it, because you don’t want something that seemed simple to turn into a total disaster. That is why here we prepare a small list of things that you should not leave in your inexperienced hands, but that are perfect for the main qualities of a plumber .

A clogged drain or drain

Imagine that you are taking the best bath of your life, and in that you notice that instead of the water going where it should, it comes back. “What’s going on?” you exclaim in surprise and suspend the cleaning of your little body to try to repair the problem. And it is that surely that part of the drainage is clogged by hair, oils from your body and other types of waste that can prevent the water from leaving.

A first step may be to try to repair it on your own using a plunger that helps you remove that garbage, but it would be best to have a plumber check it, as it may even be necessary to change part of the pipe to renew certain old pipes, and that is a major repair.

A leaky faucet or shower

Plip, plop! Plip, plop! That sound that does not let you sleep and that is clearly a sign that something is not right. When you have a faucet that is constantly pouring water, even in small drops, we are talking about a great waste of water that not only costs the environment, it also impacts your economy for everything that is spent without you taking advantage of it.

You can try to fix it on your own, of course, but if you do not know well what the cause is, perhaps the result may be worse than it was, so calling a professional will always be the best thing you can do, besides that. ensures that no more water is wasted on a failed repair.

A problem with the toilet 

As mentioned above, repairing the frog in your toilet can be a piece of cake, but if the debris is not going as it should after pulling the lever or if there are other problems that are not fixed after using a drain pump, then request service. Home plumbers should be one of your first options.

A good plumber will surely detect what fault causes this problem in the discharge, which can go from the pipe to the mechanism of your toilet itself, which will repair it with his knowledge and leave it ready so that the next use everything flows as it should. .

New drains

This is mainly linked to the rainy season, which is when the whole system is most needed to function at its best. And although in the previous list perhaps you could dare a little, trying to make an arrangement on your own, opening new drains or adding accessories to a pipe is something that we definitely do not recommend doing without knowledge.

And in this case, What does a plumber ? If you call a reliable one, he will be in charge of evaluating the system and giving you the best alternative to avoid flooding and make the rainwater distributed as it should. You may also need a good one to maintain not only the drains but also the pipes in general so that you are more than ready in the rainy season.

An emergency!

When a disaster occurs our mind stops thinking correctly, which means that we could not successfully repair a pipeline, because with stress, fear and a sea of ​​doubts approaching, less. And maybe a repair that could cost $ 1,000 MXN, would go up to 20,000 just because of recklessness.

This is where calling a plumber becomes vital in fixing a complicated case like a broken pipe. The 24-hour plumbers who attend to emergencies are usually available all day, every day of the week, but in return the bill will have a high cost, but it is understandable, because in the end it is something that you have to solve yes or yes. Do not you think?

Like the previous ones, it is almost certain that you will face plumbing situations that you will not be able to solve and if we analyze a little, the constant in the situations that we name is that even if the problem is solved in the first instance, it is better to be evaluated by an expert to know the root problem and not just give a superficial and temporary solution. Call Plumbers Campbelltown to solve your problem.