March 4, 2024


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Easy Instructions on How to Cut a Tree Using a Saw

How to cut down a tree with a hand saw - LetsFixIt

While cutting down trees is n’t difficult, the process can be dangerous. Before you start a chainsaw , make sure you have the right tools for the job and the right safety gear.

Wear appropriate clothing, with work pants (made from denim or another tough fabric) and a long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms and legs from flying debris. Always wear protective eyewear and earplugs. Steel-topped boots and non-slip gloves are also recommended. It’s also a good idea to consider a work helmet to protect your head from falling branches , especially if you work in a heavily wooded area. If you can handle by yourself, you can use service from than is Stump grinding in Ottawa

Once you’ve installed the safety gear and checked the chainsaw to make sure it’s working properly, you’re ready to start felling trees.

Determine Your Fall Path

Before you start the chainsaw, you must determine the best direction for the tree to fall and land after you cut it. This is called the fall path. Visualize paths falling in all directions and identify points free of other trees. The clearer your fall path is, the less likely it is that the tree you cut will be felled with another tree or rock when it falls. A clean path also reduces the chance of fallen trees kicking up debris (called throwbacks) that can strike and injure you.

Always observe the slope of the tree. It is usually easier and safer to cut a tree in an already sloping direction. Fall in a direction that minimizes the chance of the tree rolling over or shifting. To make moving easier, cut down the tree so the bottom is facing the road (or transfer path). If you are felling multiple trees, make sure the path of fall matches the felling pattern of the other trees. It also makes for efficient lifting and lifting.

Choose Logging Retreat

Once you’ve determined the best fall path, you’ll need to identify a safe place to stand when the tree falls. This is called a logging retreat. The safe direction of retreat from a fallen tree is at 45 degrees from the side and back on either side of your cutting position. Never move right behind a tree. You can be seriously injured if the base of the tree kicks back during the fall.

Choose a Cutting Place

To cut a tree with a chainsaw, you will need to make three cuts, two on the front and one on the back. The face cut, sometimes called the notch cut, comes first. It should be made on the side of the tree facing the path. There are three types of face cutting:

Open face : It has a wide notch of about 90 degrees and a cut back even with notched angles. This is the safest and most accurate notch for felling trees.

Conventional : This notch has an angled top cut and a flat bottom cut, creating a 45 degree angle. The back cut should be about 1 inch above the bottom cut.

Humbolt : This notch has a flat top cut and an angled bottom cut, creating a 45 degree angle. The back piece should be about 1 inch above the top cut.

You must stand on the side of the trunk as you carve the notch cut. Do not stand in front of your face or you risk serious injury. If you are right-handed, cut the face on the right side of the trunk; if you are left-handed, the face notch is on the left.