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Ethan Coen Shakes the House With Rock Doc

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Previous yr, Joel Coen went solo in a way, directing a compelling version of Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Macbeth” with no the collaboration of his brother and common co-director Ethan. And Ethan Coen now takes his very own flip in the solo highlight with a Southern wild male who might as very well be rockabilly’s solution to a tragic Shakespearean figure, Jerry Lee Lewis.

But really don’t expect soliloquies or soul hunting from the upcoming A24 release “Jerry Lee Lewis: Problems in Brain,” though it does demonstrate off a hefty bit of rock ‘n’ roll fashion black magic in the way the protean piano participant, strutting peacock and tortured Christian nicknamed The Killer assisted make the blueprint for rock songs and took the art of effectiveness to insane extremes.

And that general performance is what Coen focuses on in his documentary, a tidy 73-minute romp via Lewis’ vocation that manages to in shape in about a dozen staggering performances of “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” but continue to leaves you wishing there was place for a few additional.

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“This motion picture was so a lot enjoyment to make,” Coen claimed when he introduced the film in advance of its Cannes Film Pageant premiere in the Salle Bunuel on Sunday evening. “I know men and women normally say that, but in this circumstance, it is correct. Jerry Lee Lewis is … ” He paused and shook his head. “He’s a excursion, guy.”

Indeed, Jerry Lee Lewis is a excursion. And sure, the finest term for “Jerry Lee Lewis: Hassle in Mind” is entertaining, since it’s unattainable to enjoy The Killer pump people keys without a massive grin.

The opening scene is adequate to exhibit you Coen’s priorities: It is a clip from “The Ed Sullivan Show” of Lewis undertaking the Mickey Newbury place lament “She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye,” and it’s very little like the comprehensive-on rock ‘n’ roll assaults that Lewis is most effective regarded for. But even this comparatively peaceful functionality from 1970 is a delectable deal with – due to the fact in the smallest of gestures, the hint of a smirk, the elevated hand just before it comes down on the piano, Lewis shows a casual virtuosity that lets you see the wild man he however could be if he felt like it.

“Trouble in Mind” is total of gems, and to Coen’s credit, he lets numerous of the performances perform out at whole duration this isn’t a doc that retains reducing away from the songs so that we can listen to persons talk about the tracks. There is a lot of interview footage with Lewis from over the many years, but it is assembled playfully: He could possibly start off a story in a clip from the ’50s and complete it in the ’70s, with a couple of detours to other decades together the way.

It also drops the biographical tidbits as casually as feasible: Of class, it mentions that he married his 13-year-aged cousin, but Jerry Lee doesn’t make a big deal of it so neither does the movie. And oh, by the way, did we mention that he when shot his bass participant in the upper body? Nicely, he did.

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The final result is a delightful search at a dim and difficult person, one particular that’s not intrigued in describing his demons other than to position out that he’s obtained a load of them. There is only a short glimpse of the current Lewis, from a January 2020 gospel-audio session that was arranged by longtime Coen collaborator T Bone Burnett, but it is a take care of to see that he’s arrive back again from a stroke to give his all to “Amazing Grace.”

Comprehensive disclosure: I’m in all probability not terribly aim about “Trouble in Head.” I come to the movie with not just an admiration for Lewis’ operate, but a vivid Jerry Lee tale of my own. Much more than 30 several years ago, I invested a week in Memphis on the established of the godawful biopic “Great Balls of Fireplace,” with Dennis Quaid as The Killer and Winona Ryder as his youthful bride. Midway as a result of the 7 days, the film’s producer drove me to Arkansas to sit down with Jerry Lee, who arrived via the locked steel gate in his garishly-furnished ranch house outfitted in a powder-blue jumpsuit and reeking of cologne. “I believed you claimed you ended up bringing a female,” he reported to the producer, who defined that no, I was the Rolling Stone reporter he’d been advised about. “You mentioned it was gonna be a female,” he recurring, right before sitting down grudgingly for a considerably argumentative interview that was consistently interrupted by Jerry Lee yelling at his spouse to convey him his bottle of Crown Royal. (He got madder and madder until eventually she finally discovered it – in the glove compartment of his car or truck.)

And then, when items were at their tensest and most unpleasant, he instantly lightened up and even showed some flashes of self-consciousness beneath the bluster, complimenting me on being able to journey close to speaking to distinctive men and women, like “crazy piano players.”

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That’s the Jerry Lee I was hoping to see on display screen, and he’s certainly existing in “Trouble in Head.” But this is a motion picture that’ll depart you imagining a lot less about how challenging a male he was than how awesome those variations of “Lewis Boogie” or “Move on Down the Line” (with Tom Jones!) or “Hi-Heel Sneakers” (with go-go dancers!) or “Once Additional with Feeling” ended up – not to mention those people nuts vocal breakdowns in “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” which are fairly substantially a master course in salacious rock ‘n’ roll vocalizing.

Back again in 1993, Rhino Information set out a two-disc anthology of Lewis’ get the job done, and utilised the title “All Killer, No Filler.” And which is fairly considerably the greatest way to seem at “Jerry Lee Lewis: Difficulties in Mind,” which provides you 73 minutes of key Jerry Lee with wit, humor and a whole lotta shakin’ certainly.

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