Everyday Cheapskate: Surprisingly useful ways to use dryer sheets around the house | Leisure

Everyday Cheapskate: Surprisingly useful ways to use dryer sheets around the house | Leisure

Apparently, I’m a slow learner. I simply cannot assume of yet another rationale it took several years to associate my sons’ and husband’s itchy skin troubles with the dryer sheets I utilised.

When we didn’t expertise respiratory troubles that are often connected with material softeners, there is credible medical proof that the perfumes and additives in laundry products may perhaps also lead to respiratory challenges in some folks.

Just one would anticipate that this kind of a lifetime-impacting revelation (all the pores and skin problems disappeared as soon as I stopped making use of any material softeners or dryer sheets) would have banned people pesky sheets from our dwelling. But that is not real.

Dryer sheets have so several other utilizes about the home — indoors, outdoor, in the garage. I keep a box of fragrance-cost-free dryer sheets on hand for lots of other works by using. (Even without having fragrance, dryer sheets pose a dilemma for my family members when utilised in the dryer with garments, sheets and towels).

A applied dryer sheet is great for lots of of the applications that follow. Nonetheless, if you, like me, don’t end up with utilised sheets from the dryer, just soak a new sheet in h2o and then wring it out. Most of the time, you want to the sheet to be damp in any case. Caution: If you are sensitive to dryer sheets, be certain to use rubber or latex gloves when managing a new sheet.


Lots of of our visitors have verified that dryer sheets will repel equally spiders and flies. Continue to keep a handful of further sheets in clothing hampers and all around the laundry region and you can kiss all all those spiders goodbye.


Slip a dryer sheet into your suitcases when they are in storage and they will not odor musty when you consider them out to use.


  • Any time you’re outdoor — regardless of whether taking part in, gardening, mountaineering or just picnicking in the park — look at slipping a dryer sheet in your back again pocket. Study has shown that a pair of chemical compounds frequently identified in the sheets (linalooland beta-citronellol) will discourage the gnats and mosquitoes from hanging about, earning this a realistic and much easier-to-use alternative to spray-on bug repellent.
  • Linalool is in a natural way uncovered in lavender and basil, which beauty and perfume providers use in their items for its flower-like odor. Linalool is toxic to some styles of insects. Beta-citronellol is uncovered in citronella and repels mosquitoes.


There are experiences out there that say new dryer sheets, when lower into a single-inch strips and tied to the suggestions of greenery or in trees, will repel plant-munching deer. I would deerly (!) love any reader reviews to both confirm or deny.


Wipe down your blinds with a dryer sheet to protect against static electrical energy and to maintain dust from collecting. Seize that dryer sheet with a pair of kitchen tongs and use that to speedily operate in excess of just about every slat. It’s brief, effortless and will even select up the dust.


Take away gunk from the bottom of an iron. With the placing on minimal, rub the iron over the dryer sheet until finally the residue disappears, and you are still left with a pristine soleplate.


Dryer sheets make wonderful dusting and cleansing cloths for tv and computer system screens. Not only will they cleanse the screens, but the antistatic qualities will also instruct the screens to repel rather than catch the attention of dust. Dryer sheets are intended to cut down static cling, so they take out the dust and assistance continue to keep it from resettling on television and personal computer screens.

Stinky Footwear

Boots, sneakers and tennis footwear can get seriously smelly. Pop a sheet into every single of your fewer-than-fresh-smelling pair, and then location them in a plastic bag. Tie it closed. In the early morning, your sneakers will smell so significantly far better. For kids’ shoes or ladies’ pumps, you can slice each sheet in half and nonetheless get fantastic success.


Made use of dryer sheets make great cloths for speedy shine-ups in the rest room and kitchen.

Just use one on every single of your chrome taps and get pleasure from the shine.

Supporter BLADES

There is very little like static electric power to turn a enthusiast blade into a dust magnet. But that’s no match for a dryer sheet. Just consider just one of those people gems and wipe down the blade to release dust, pet hair and cobwebs, also.

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