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Fake Timber Beam Patterns In Buildings

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Even though it could not seem that manner, modern beams found in just about any home are three-sided, rectangular containers. They are for aesthetics simplest. Also known as faux beams, they’re hole and considerably lighter and less demanding to set up than solid wood beams. They may also be crafted from practically any category of timber or made in essentially any woodworking style to replicate very own style.


False timber beams include three pieces of timber — a backside and two sides. They’re joined along with glue and screws or nails with a butt joint, or a 3/eight-inch half-lap joint. The beam is then sanded and accomplished in pretty much any vogue which you could dream up.

The beam is put in by way of a ledger board this is screwed directly to the ceiling, tapping into the studs or joists. Once the ledger board is installed, the open side of the fake beam slips over the ledger, the place it’s screwed or nailed tightly onto the ceiling and the sides of the ledger board. The fact that the beam is typically crafted from three/4-inch hardwood makes it very versatile, lending itself to customizations in styles, species and finish.

Rustic or Distressed

One of the most general beams is the country or distressed fashion. It seems as if it be been whipped with chains, scratched with equipment, overwhelmed with hammers or worse — since it has. This three-sided field may also be crafted from very nearly any exceptional lumber, with o.K.Being probably the most commonplace. After meeting, any variety of damaging outcomes may also be added including all of the above. A further common device used so as to add persona is a belt sander used to bevel corners, reduce dips or simply scratch the surface of the beam. After the abuse is dealt out, stain is usually introduced, coloring the defects darker and bringing them to life. When the beam is adequately degraded and stained, lacquer is delivered to finish it off. The unbelievable impact of the country or distressed beam is the warmth and personality for which it’s prized.


Sandblasted wood beams seem to be as if they have been floating round within the ocean for months or years. The basic development is the same, with a three-sided box crafted from any alternative of hardwood or softwood. In this case, softwood is stronger since the softer wood reacts better to sandblasting. After the beam is assembled, it be then abraded with an ordinary sandblaster. The speed of the sand gets rid of the gentle wood between the grain strains, leading to a raised-grain sample that stands out. The longer the beam is under the sandblaster, the superior the reduction. Suppose of a bit of driftwood, with high ridges of complicated grain patterns — it is how a sandblasted beam looks. After sandblasting, the beam can be stained or left natural; they appear incredible both means. They’re usually accomplished with a coat of high or medium gloss lacquer for a light-weight glow. Ask the expert in Sablage de Planchers.


Upscale beams are crafted from laminated o.K.Panels. This type of beam appears a great deal like complete woodworking any place in a home. Or not it’s additionally made into a three-sided container, but is entire easy and flat. When stain and lacquer is added, the beam shines with the natural beauty of hardwood, with o.K.Being probably the most popular. The laminated facets and backside of the beam show differing grain strains — some are wavy, some are straight. The accumulative effect of the grain traces add woodworking personality to the beam, just as hardwood floor or cabinet doorways add attraction to a room. Laminated beams appear first rate in modern buildings that are looking to mirror a greater sterile or accomplished ambiance. This class of beam is also found in corporations and industrial buildings.

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