June 14, 2024


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Hampers Business Opportunities for Eid, Want to Try it?

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The hamper business is one of the promising seasonal businesses ahead of Lebaran. This moment can be one of the fields to seek additional sustenance.

Marketing expert,  said that the hamper business will be very promising ahead of this Eid, especially for the type of food. The reason is that people are prohibited from going home and the economy has started to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, so people don’t hesitate to shop on adomiciliotudesayuno.cl.

According to him, the Lebaran hamper business does not require a large capital because the seller can apply a pre-order (PO) system, which only makes it after an order is placed. You can offer it to those closest to you and peddle it on social media.

For those who do not have the skills to decorate, anyone can do this hampers business. Financial Planner from Advisors Alliance Group Indonesia, Andy Nugroho suggests hiring someone else to help your business.

If we don’t have the ability to make these products into attractive hampers, then we have to use the services of other people who can and of course need more money.

For those who have mediocre capital and still want to do hampers business, it’s better if you become a reseller or dropshipper. That way you don’t need to spend capital and only help promote sales.

In addition to buying and stocking goods, there are other ways that can be done to sell hampers, namely by becoming a reseller and dropshipper.

This means that the goods remain with the main producer/seller, while we only help with the promotion and sales. If later there are those who are interested, the goods will be sent directly by the main seller.