April 20, 2024


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Home Heating Options: Which is Right for You?

There’s more to heating than simply turning on a switch.

All homeowners will have to experience either the process of setting up their home heating options or the process of maintaining the system they already have. If you can’t distinguish between a furnace and a boiler, no worries. You’re not alone.

Just keep on reading for our little guide on the different types of home heating options, and how they work. 

Home Heating Options 101: What Is Home Heating?

Before we start our deep dive into the different home heating systems available on the market, let’s get the basics covered. 

It’s essential to understand that there are different types of home heating options available, and some can share components with your home’s cooling equipment, while others can give your home both the heating and cooling functions. 

The overarching system is known in the industry as HVAC, standing for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. It’s responsible for describing your home’s climate control system. Now, let’s take a look at the different home heating options. 

The Forced Air Distribution System: The Furnace

A furnace, which is usually powered with gas, forces air through a collection of ducts. Basically, the conditioned and heated air will go across your home through those ducts. 

This system can be powered by propane, electricity, natural gas, or oil. So if you’re thinking about heating a commercial building using an oil-operated furnace, you’ll want to make use of commercial oil delivery.

This is the most popular type of heating system because you can use the same air distribution system for your air conditioner during the hotter months. 

The Radiator Distribution System: The Boiler

Another common type of heating system is the boiler. As you’ve probably guessed, this system sends hot water through pipes to heat your home. 

A great perk of this system is your ability to practice zoned heating and cooling, but the system itself tends to be more expensive to install and run for long periods of time. 

The Heat Pump

If you’re looking for a dual system, you can take a close look at the heat pumps. 

By using refrigerant and electricity to transfer heat, instead of generating it directly, heat pumps are rather efficient in comparison to other types of heating systems. 

However, they’re at their most effective in moderate climates, where the temperatures are milder and don’t dip below freezing. 

The Hybrid Heating System

Mixing the power of a gas furnace with the energy efficiency of the heat pump, you get a great hybrid heating system. 

Fixing the weakness of the heat pump in extreme temperatures, the furnace kicks in to save the day when it’s needed, therefore reducing the strain placed on both units. 

Are You Ready for the Spring?

We know that most of us aren’t quite ready for another March, but we’re almost in springtime.

You’ll want to explore your home heating options before winter is over, so you’re both ready for milder temperatures as well as the next winter season. 

Hopefully, this little guide has given you the basic foundation of the different types of home heating options on the market, this way you can start your research with peace of mind, and armed with knowledge.