April 14, 2024


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How and When To Know If Your Trees Require Professional Attention

Trees don’t help our environment; they can also significantly boost the appeal of your home. Additionally, trees have even been proven to help improve our health and lower anxiety.

Many people love having trees around, but with age and other factors like weather and disease, the health of your trees may start to decline. The earlier you spot the problem, the safer you are. Keeping your trees healthy is an essential part of house care.

Several tree-related symptoms indicate the problem in your tree. We sometimes make a mistake by overlooking the symptoms and assuming it will recover on its own. When trees seem damaged, they need your help to stay in good condition.

One of the best things you can do for your trees is contacting the best tree service providers in Melbourne to take care of your trees.

But how do you know if your trees require professional attention? Well, here are some tips:

Root Damage

When you start the tree inspection, begin from the ground and look at the root of the trees. You have to check the roots carefully, especially if you have done construction or excavation around the area.

Look for heaving ground, severed roots or signs of decay. If you spot mushrooms around the roots of the tree, the roots are probably decayed.

Heavy Leaning

When an old tree is leaning heavily to one side almost making 70-degree angle, then it is time to get the tree removed. Especially if the tree is in your yard, then it could fall into your house or road.

The more dangerous it looks, the more you should consider hiring a professional tree service provider like Same Day Tree Works. If a young tree is leaning, then it might just need support to promote upright growth and a healthy root system.

Broken Branches

Another vital sign that your tree needs professional care is branches that have broken altogether, leaving an area exposed. Weak branch unions with the trunk are a sign of trouble that may be reversible with pruning and may help your tree recover.

Finding branches on the ground after a storm is quite common, but without the right treatment, that sort of damage can be hazardous. Make sure you check the condition of your trees after harsh weather.

Tree Cracks

You should also take a look at your tree’s truck. Check the bark and see if there are two or more deep and excessive cracks. If there are, it’s likely a sign your tree is sick or dying. Another symptom to keep an eye out for is if there’s a sunken or completely missing spot of bark in the trunk of the tree. These are cankers and can be a sign of disease or decay if not taken care of.

If you have spotted one of these signs in your tree, then immediately contact Same Day Tree Work for affordable tree services in Melbourne. They are an experienced and insured Tree Removal Company whose aim is beautiful yards and happy customers.