April 20, 2024


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How to decorate a small apartment to get the most out of it

How to Make the Most Out of Your Tiny Apartment Space to Get A Cozy Feel –  ROUNDECOR


We are already in summer and soon we will start the “school year” again … And many of you will have to move, change residence for studies, jobs, competitive examinations, or whatever … Often, it may be the case that That second residence that you have chosen is smaller than the house you come from and the furniture you have is impossible to introduce into the new environments … but don’t worry, from Muebles Hnos. García we are going to teach you how to decorate a small apartment to get everything out of it. the profit.

Oh, and we don’t forget our tourist friends with holiday homes in Torrevieja or its surroundings, which are usually much smaller than their residences in Madrid or other large cities. These ideas are also addressed to them.

Small flat = Little space. Do not complicate yourself

Flee from huge things and quantity … Less is more, so keep the essentials. If you are going to live alone or as a couple, you do not need a 3 + 2 sofa. And above all, do not fill it all with decorative things. Yes, the telescopes in the living room look great in Richard Gere movies, but in real life, they take up a lot of space … (and besides, you’re not Richard Gere either)

Stay with the essentials. You do not need, for example 12 plates of each piece, if it is you alone or two people at home. If you focus on “putting” in your new house only that you need to save space and also hours of cleaning … or do you really like having to remove a hundred figurines every time you want to clean a shelf?

You need furniture with a large storage capacity

Your new friends will always end up with the letters “bles” … that is: folding, stackable or folding … With them you will gain a lot of space in your small apartment. So now you know, always choose multifunctional furniture. For example, a sofa that can be converted into a bed, or a mini ladder that can be used as a stool.

Another option is a bed with a trundle or with side drawers at the base. You can’t imagine the things you can put down there. It is almost like having a closet lying on the floor. If you also combine it with one of our great mattresses, you will also sleep on a cloud.

If you have kids, welcome to the “Bunk World”

We do not know that they have the bunk beds that children love … and we at Muebles Hnos. García have the best. Robust, with outstanding resistance, pump-proof (that is, child-proof). They are the best solution to optimize space, since it gives small play space in their room so that they can leave the common areas of the house free.

Light plays a great role.

Well, although it may not seem like it, light-colored furniture usually gives a feeling of spaciousness. The more light, the larger a room seems. So now you know, don’t buy black furniture, you’re going to turn the floor into a cave.

Light colors, semi-transparent curtains that let in natural light. All this will help you to achieve an optimal and positive environment for you and yours. And when your mother appears wanting to criticize how small the apartment is, she will have no choice but to give you the croquettes taper without question as she will find your home super cozy.

Shelves on the ceilings, or almost …

Normally we say that when something is cheap, it is on the ground … and do not be confused, we do not mean that our shelves are expensive. Not much less, but you must bear in mind that the high ceilings allow us to hang many shelves in high areas of the house where we can store books or objects that we do not use on a daily basis. Try to look at black TV units for other type of shelves.

A priori it may seem crazy, but when you put it into practice, you discover that you can gain a lot of space in the house without many complications.