June 20, 2024


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How To Use Steel And Iron Doors As Interior Doors For A Complete Makeover

House renovations can be really fun, but they can also be very expensive. While a new front door and a fresh coat of paint can instantly make the exterior look brand new, transforming the interiors takes a fair bit of legwork. 

This is mostly because every room in a house has several elements that need to blend in well together. So, if you’re changing one element within a room, you may have to switch around some other things too. 

If you don’t have the budget for a major makeover but want your interiors to look new and chic—upgrade to steel and iron interior doors. New interior doors are a great way to add a modern touch, and iron and steel doors are versatile enough to blend in with your existing decor and style. This will help keep the makeover budget-friendly but stunning at the same time.  

Here are some ways you can use iron and steel doors in different places within the house. 

Use A Sliding Steel Door to Add A Modern Spin to Your Bedroom 

Back in the day, people weren’t too sure when we’d suggest iron and steel doors for the bedroom or as interior doors in general. This is because completely solid iron doors may look too bulky inside the house, while delicate ones with glass affect privacy. 

But when creating modern interiors, it’s essential to think outside the box. While you don’t have to install an iron or steel door as the main bedroom door, you can install delicate steel and glass doors to create aesthetic partitions within the room. This will instantly give your bedroom a modern look.  

Keep Your Living Room Chic with A Steel Door 

For most of us, our living rooms are both a space of relaxation and a place where we entertain. Needless to say, it’s one of the most functional rooms in a house and needs to look bright, spacious, and top-notch overall. 

Adding steel doors and windows to the living room decor is a charming way to give it a clean and sleek look. These doors and windows also look timeless, so you’ll be able to keep them as they are, even if you decide to change the rest of the decor later, as we so often do with living rooms. 

Use an Arched Iron Door to Create A Charming Entrance for The Playroom 

There are many ways to be creative when you’ve got a playroom or nursery to redecorate. But why keep all the cuteness for the nursey interior? We think it’s a good idea to start from the room’s entry door itself. 

Instead of a boring, bulky wooden door, keep things light and cheerful with an arched iron door with vast expanses of glass. Not only will it look charming, but it’ll also allow you to keep an eye on the kids easily. 

Give Your Home Office A Great Finish with A Modern Iron Door

All modern homes have home offices, and with the work-from-home trends, we’re spending a lot of time in these rooms. 

Needless to say, your home office needs to look great if you’re going to be productive. This is why we suggest installing a modern iron door with glass. It’ll look sleek and allow you to stay connected with the rest of the house while you work. 

Use Bi-Folding Iron or Steel Doors to Create Partitions In Larger Living Spaces


We don’t know if you’ve heard, but interior walls are over-rated. They make your spaces look small and suffocating. 

This is why we suggest getting rid of some of the concrete or wood clutter and installing beautiful steel bi-fold doors instead. These will help you connect smaller spaces in the house to create more spacious rooms when you need to.  

Add A Modern Finish To Your Kitchens And Bathrooms with Steel And Iron Doors 

Bathrooms and kitchens are also great interior spaces that you can transform with steel and iron doors. You can use steel doors as shower doors or closet doors and iron doors as pantry doors. They will help make these spaces look modern and chic and will be a great selling point if you decide to sell your house. 

These are plenty of ideas you can start with. If you’re not sure where to find great-quality of iron and steel doors Missouri , check out the collection at Pinky’s Iron Doors. They have a stunning range of exterior and interior doors. Their steel entry doors and French doors are trendy, and so are the various designs of patio doors. 

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