Lamp Love: 5 Lampshade Trends That You Should Try This Spring

As smart home devices become more normal, new technology is coming into the markets every day. Have you heard of smart lighting? It is the latest way to reduce our impact on the environment and upgrade our homes.

This tech development is putting lighting back into the spotlight for interior designers and homeowners alike. Not sure where to begin?

Lampshade trends are a great place to start. Check out these 5 tips on how to outfit your new light fixtures this Spring.

Spring Cleaning: How to Refresh Your Lighting

Freshening up your home doesn’t have to be a chore. Lighting is a great place to start. Changing the light source of your room or home sets the tone for the rest of your designs to follow. 

Spring is known for its bright colors, spring showers, and fresh flowers. Allow these themes to inspire your lampshade choices.

Seasonally changing your home’s style can help you stay grounded in the present moment and is a creative way to change your routine. 

Here are the 5 lampshade trends to follow this Spring:

  • Nature-inspired shapes and designs
  • Taking a multi-medium approach
  • Getting back to the basics
  • Being nostalgic with retro themes
  • Expressing yourself with bold colors

What an exciting year for home decor! As we look at these trends in more detail, take note of which ones appeal to you. This way you’ll be ready to find the perfect Spring shade for your space.

1. Let Nature Be Your Guide

Since everything comes from nature, it’s a great place to gather inspiration. The natural world is full of organic shapes and materials. These unique styles can add a sense of wonder to any room.

Why not create an indoor/outdoor vibe this spring? When nature is your muse, your lighting will feel more natural and easy on the eyes. If you work from home, this could be exactly what you need to stay uplifted.

Play With Recycled Materials

Looking for a DIY project? You’ve found it! There are plenty of everyday materials that can help you create the perfect lampshade. Everything from soda pop tabs to old maps can work for this project.

Not interested in making your own lampshade this Spring? No problem. Independent designers and retailers have you covered. Support local artists and help the planet by choosing a recycled lampshade this season.

Mushroom Inspired Designs

Who said lampshade trends couldn’t be fun? Have fun with fungi-inspired designs this Spring! After the May showers, mushrooms love to pop up in unexpected places. You may even find one in an office near you.

That’s right. Corporate culture is taking notice of the sleek mushroom lamp trend.

This dome-shaped lampshade spreads its light perfectly to meet the downward gaze of hardworking employees. Try it in your home or office to join in on the fun as well!

Texture: Wicker and Wood

The warmth of wood can provide a classic take on a Spring style lampshade. Wooden lampshades range from traditional to abstract designs.

Looking for texture? Find a shade that uses raw sticks to create an unforgettable centerpiece. 

If the freshly foraged look isn’t your thing then try wicker. The lightness of wicker showcases the airy quality of this season perfectly. Much like bamboo, which has symbolized springtime for centuries.

Plant-Based Earth Tones 

Being plant-based isn’t just for vegans. Bring the colors of plants into your home this season. Nature is full of beautiful colors but which ones are right for Spring? Here are a few to consider:

  • Warm pastels like peach
  • Rich browns like caramel 
  • Lush greens in any shade
  • Sky blues and lavenders

It may help to keep the imagery of Easter and the Spring Equinox in mind. The soft color palette is the perfect base for any lampshade.

2. Mix Up Your Mediums

Tired of the same old thing? Then it’s time to try something completely different. Spring is all about new beginnings and getting out of your comfort zone. It’s time to mix things up.

Remember, colors aren’t the only thing to consider this season. Diversify the textures of your space with this lampshading fashion trend.

Cutting Edge Metal Designs

What is the lampshading trend for metal shades? Brass and Copper are the perfect metals to brighten up your space this Spring. Their warm tones and reflective surfaces are just what you need this season.

If you are using a warm-colored bulb then don’t be afraid to experiment with cool-toned metals either.

Stainless steel is a great choice for kitchen lampshades. You can find these metal shades in a variety of treatments like brushed or polished.

Turn Your Lampshade Into a Sculpture

Nothing impresses your guests like a 3D lampshade. Turn your lamp into a work of art with the addition of a three-dimensional lampshade. 

Ranging from quirky to contemporary, there is a special shade for you. Paper lanterns are a classic take on this idea and also coincide with the themes of Spring. 

You can even find lampshades in the shape of flowers. Nothing could be more perfect. Pair these art installations with a pink bulb for the perfect springtime effect. 

The Charm of Stained Glass

Stained glass lampshades have always been sought after. In America, you can find them in public pool halls and exclusive lounges alike. Bring these whimsical designs into your home this Spring. 

The glass material of these shades disperses much more light than traditional materials. The light from a stained glass shade, however, shines in a variety of colors. So you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect color combination.

Laser Cut: Leather and Faux Leather

Bring a touch of old and new design techniques into your space this season with a leather lampshade. Leather has long been used as a household material.

The sturdy nature of leather makes it a great investment for your seasonal designs.

Nowadays, leather can be laser cut with captivating designs. Contemporary design firms also offer faux leather lampshades as a more eco-friendly and sustainable option.

3. Keep It Simple

Clean lines and classic colors are always in style. Begin this year with a calm color palette to invite ease into your space.

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Modern home designers swear by basic principles to give the space an elegant feeling. 

Less is more. If all of these trends are overwhelming you then you can always go back to the basics. Your lampshade doesn’t have to be a statement piece this Spring. Enjoy your lighting as an accent or compliment to the room’s theme.

White: The Elegant Choice

The stereotypical lampshade is imagined as white for a number of reasons. The color white reflects light so that your eyes don’t have to work so hard.

White is also the go-to color for basic home designs because it is an agreeable choice to most people.

The all-white room trend is still going strong this Spring. This theme evokes a sense of dreaminess as if you were resting in the clouds. Want to try this trend? Find the best lampshades here!

Black: A Contemporary Contrast

Design rebels are challenging the white lampshade look. Take an unconventional approach to minimalism with a black lampshade. 

It’s true, black absorbs light. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t the perfect addition to your space this Spring. A black shade is a perfect contrast to your Spring color palette. The sharp difference can help create more depth in any room.

Make a Statement With a Drum Shade

Drum shades are popular for their design shape. They are often large and can make a bold statement. If there is a pattern, color, or quote you love, then a drum shade is the perfect place to show it off.

Going for the BoHo look? Add a bit of bohemian flair to your drum shade with the addition of long tassels. small tassels draped underneath can help balance this lampshade’s large size.

4. Vintage Lampshade Trends

Antiques are another great way to add depth to your home this Spring. Springtime is all about regenerating what slept during Winter. Refurbishing an old lamp is a great way to pay homage to his principle.

Not interest in antiquing? You’re in luck. It is commonplace for designers to be inspired by past trends. You can easily find a freshly created lampshade that has a vintage quality to it.

Victorian Luxury at Home

The rich luxury of the Victorian era is far from over. English nobility mixed dark and light color patterns to create regal designs for their home furnishings.

Blossoming flowers were common motifs on lampshades and expensive chaise lounges alike.

Turn your home into a place for a queen with a victorian style lampshade. Pair your new shade with a dark wooden base for the traditional look this Spring.

One of a Kind: Hand-Painted Lampshades

Hand-painted lampshades debuted in the public’s eyes during the art-deco period. This design trend is making a strong comeback this Spring! 

Much like stained glass lampshades, Hand-painted fabrics give off multiple colors of light. This allows you to create a one-of-a-kind shade. 

Not sure what to paint? Flowers are always a great design idea for spring. But don’t worry, you can always commission a local artist to do this as well. 

5. Pops of Color

Nothing says Spring is in the air like bold pops of color! Every lampshade shape can be enhanced by the right color palette. Have a bland room that needs cheering up? Changing your light source is the first place to start. 

Every time you turn on the lights, you’ll be blown away by what a difference a colorful lampshade can make.

This is also a great way to test a color palette idea for your space. Starting with a lamp shade s a low-cost way to give your idea a shot.

Color Blocking 101

Choosing a lampshade this Spring can as simple as looking at a chart. The color wheel is the best place to start if you’re stuck.

Look at the colors that are already present in your space and see which ones compliment them on the wheel. Choosing multiple lampshades this spring? Then the color blocking trend is your new best friend. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Patterns

Patterns can be intimidating for people who have never played with them. Don’t be scared! Patterned lampshades are a great way to break up blocks of color and give your space a sense of character.

The possibilities with patterns are endless. You can go for a more quiet design with clean lines.

But why not choose designs that have the wow factor that you’ve been looking for? For example, you can welcome light into your space this Spring with a bright yellow pattern.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

With so many trends to choose from, the selection process can get overwhelming. Don’t panic. Lots of changes occur during springtime so it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of options. 

If multiple lampshade designs called out to you then find a way to incorporate them into different rooms. This way you get to enjoy all of your varied tastes while keeping each room cohesive.

As the seasons change, you will be well supplied with choices and perfectly prepared to handle next year’s Spring cleaning. Remember, refreshing your home’s style is supposed to be fun not a chore. 

Stay Inspired

Now that you have reviewed this Spring’s top 5 lampshade trends, it’s time to freshen up the rest of your home. Review our blog page for more design inspiration this season!