June 19, 2024


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O2 Environmental Solutions safe, professional mold removal services

How to Clean Mold Off Walls


Home and business owners who are looking for professional mold testing & mold removal services in Rockville, MD can trust the experts at O2 Mold Testing. We provide quality service that meets all of your needs.

Mold Removal

who to call for mold inspection Mold removal is the process of removing mold from surfaces. Mold remediation companies use specialized equipment to remove mold from your home or business. They also know how to safely remove the mold so that it doesn’t come back.

Mold removal is not something that you should try to do yourself, because:

  • You can’t see all of the places where there are hidden areas of mold growth inside walls and floors, etc., and this makes it harder for you to get rid of all of it; and
  • Some types of mold release toxic spores into the air when they’re disturbed during cleanup efforts, making breathing them in dangerous; thus, leaving them in place could be potentially harmful over time even after initial cleanup work has been done by professionals

Mold Testing

Mold testing is a process that involves collecting samples of mold spores and analyzing them in a lab. Mold can be found anywhere in your home, so it’s important to test at least once each year to see if you have any issues or problems. mold remediation alexandria The process can take up to 10 days, depending on the type of test you choose to use and what kind of sample collection method is used during that period:

  • Surface sample collection: This method involves swabbing an area suspected of having mold on its surface with sterile cotton balls. The cotton balls are then put into sterile containers for submission for analysis in a lab. This method is best suited for small areas like hardwood floors or bathroom tiles where there’s not enough room for air sampling equipment such as blower doors or thermal imaging cameras.* Air sample collection: For larger spaces such as attics or crawlspaces where there isn’t enough room for conducting surface swabbing tests, this option involves using special types of equipment designed specifically for collecting airborne particles including microscopes made specifically for viewing airborne particles under high magnification levels (400x). The collected samples would then be sent off-site so they could undergo complete analysis by professionals trained in identifying different types based on their appearance under these high magnification levels (400x).

Mold Inspection

prevent mold during winter A visual inspection of your home or business is the first step in any mold inspection. This type of inspection should be conducted by a professional, as they will be able to identify potential signs of mold growth and determine what areas need to be further inspected. Visual inspections can be done at any time of year and should always be completed before any major construction is done on your property.

O2 Environmental Solutions will accurately test your property for mold and provide safe, professional mold removal services

  • O2 Environmental Solutions will accurately test your property for mold and provide safe, professional mold removal services that are compliant with the Maryland Department of the Environment’s (MDE) guidelines.
  • Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We provide all our customers with a free inspection and assessment, so you can rest assured that you’ll know exactly what kind of work needs to be done on your property before we even begin testing it!


Professional mold testing & mold removal services are available for you and your family in Rockville, MD at O2MoldTesting.com. We offer comprehensive testing and remediation services that can help you get rid of molds in your home or business.