April 21, 2024


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Online shopping: When something is too good to be true then it might not be true

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Whether we are shopping online or offline, there is often a price to pay for the products that we are interested in. In most cases, we already have an idea about how much the product should cost. However, there are some instances where the prices might be a bit lower because it is not more in trend or because of clearance sales and black Friday. However, even in such cases, there is a limit to which the price can go. Hence, there are several reasons why you should not fall for the bait when you want to buy something online and you observe that the price is ridiculously low compared to how much the price should normally be. Here are some reasons why you should not go ahead to buy a product when you notice that the price is too good to be true.

Companies hardly run charity sales
What you should always have in mind is that companies majorly sell products or services because they want to make a profit. Hence, when you start to observe that the amount they are selling a product is much lower than what should be the production cost of the product or significantly lower than what other people are selling it then, you should know that something is likely to be fishy.

It could be a fake product
One of the major reason why a company would be able to sell a product at half the price or below half the price could easily be an indicator that they are selling a copy, fake or counterfeit. In some cases, it might be specified but in other cases, it might not. Hence, it is left to you to be wise enough to make the connection and avoid being scammed. For example, why should a company claim be able to sell you a brand new iPhone of the latest version for 50 USD, when the actual price of the product is 350 USD. If you go ahead to buy such a product, you should not be surprised when you put it on and observe it is running on the Android operating system or even the Java operating system. Those who sell fake products at ridiculous products have made it such that in recent times, you don’t just trust establish brands. This is considering their fake products often target established brands because even after halfing the price, the amount will still be significant.

It could be a refurbished product
Another reason why a company might sell a product at much lower than the price is that it might be a refurbished product. They might be selling a product that someone has bought, used roughly and probably sold to them as scrap. They can fix the problem, add a new casing and after making an expense of fewer than 50 USD including purchase, repairs and fixing of new casing, they might decide to try to sell it for 200 USD, giving the impression it is new. When you buy such a phone at 200 USD as opposed to the 350 USD market price, you might end up having problems with the phone by the time you used it for a few weeks. It would be difficult returning the phone since the warranty would have been voided and should you try to cause trouble, you would not be confident to say the amount you bought it because even you and everybody else know that the right product should be worth much more than that.

You might not get any product at all
Some fake companies that do not sell any product can put products on sale on a website at low prices. They will believe the low prices will attract people to patronize them and it might work. At the end of the day, anybody who places orders will end up losing their money as they would not even get a fake copy of the product, let alone the real product. Thus, it is best to completely avoid shopping on websites when you find out that they have products on sale at ridiculously low prices without any convincing explanation for why the product was being sold at such as a price.

If you fall victim of online platforms that sell fake products, you can seek legal advice with companies such as my legal adviser. They would be able to assess the situation and see if you can get your money back.