Pest Problems: How Do I Pest Control My House?

No homeowner wants pest crawling around in their house. Yet, it’s unfortunately common. Roaches are present in around 14 million homes in the US alone.

That’s to say nothing of rodents or invasive species like stinkbugs that invade your home when the weather gets cold. What’s worse is that once you find pests inside your home, it’s much more difficult to get rid of them.

For the vigilant homeowner, the question becomes: “How do I do pest control in my house?” Keep reading and we’ll provide some essential pest control tips that will help you dissuade pests from taking up residence.

Seal It Up

Minor cracks and gaps in your home are a normal byproduct of your home aging and settling. That doesn’t make them harmless. It can drive up your utility costs and provide convenient entry points for pests.

Do a survey of your home and looks for gaps and cracks around doors, windows, pipes, and along your foundation.

Sealing up these gaps and cracks with a tube or two of silicone caulk is an excellent DIY pest control measure. If you find a gap too wide for the silicone, expanding foam is your friend. Sealing up your home can improve temperature control and help keep pests out.

Put Food Away

Everyone is guilty of leaving food out at some point. You race out the door and leave half a slice of toast on the counter or your kids leave an open bag of chips on the couch. It happens and, if it only happens occasionally, it’s not a crisis.

If you leave food sitting out all the time, though, you’re basically inviting insects and rodents to come pay a visit. Putting food away as soon as you’re done with it is a key pest control strategy.

Clean It Up

Leaving crumbs sitting around or dirty dishes sitting in the sink is almost as bad as just leaving food sitting out. Make a point of doing your dishes every day. Wipe down your counters on a regular basis as well.

As pest control tips go, keeping things clean is right near the top.

Get a Pro on the Job

If you’ve taken all the steps you can think of to discourage or get rid of pests and they’re still around, you need professional assistance. You’ll want to find a good local pest control service that handles problems like this for homeowners. If all else fails, they can use pesticides that homeowners can’t buy.

Pest Control and Your House

When it comes to your house, you want good pest control measures in place. The best pest control strategies focus on prevention.

Seal up the gaps and cracks you find around your home. Put food away when you’re done. Clean up in the kitchen area.

If those don’t work, call in a professional pest control service. They can often devise solutions for your pest control challenges.

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